Crabada: Land Ownership Update

Jethro Sandico

Jun. 22, 2022

During the recent Crabada ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMA), the team revealed more information on plans to offer digital land. Here’s a round-up of what we learned.

The roadmap on Crabada’s website states that land ownership was slated for launch back in April 2022. However, the timing for adding land was pushed back due to Swimmer Network and Battle Game’s delay. Recently, land has become a top priority as the devs believe it can help to expand the game economy.  

“Land will be a large initiative (and it’s highly complex) for us and as part of our efforts to ensure that it is properly designed, launched, and supported, we will try to kick it off at the end of June,” a Crabada team member explained.

The Crabada team already has the base concept as well as mechanics and activation for land ownership. However, executing these plans will be no small feat as the technological lift and issues such as fun factor and return on investment need to be addressed first.

Virtual land has become a hot commodity on various blockchains as investors continue to bid up prices. In April of this year, Yuga Labs launched Otherside which sold over $300M in digital land. Another recent example is Illuvium’s $72M NFT land sale. Existing in virtual worlds, dubbed by most as the “metaverse,” these pieces of land helped popularize games such as The Sandbox and platforms like Decentraland

By offering computer-generated real estate to players, Crabada’s land update shakes up the status quo via a game-changing feature that can help deepen the ecosystem. 

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