Crabada Economy Update: May 3, 2022


May. 03, 2022

Hello, and welcome everyone to another Crabada Economy Update!

First and foremost, I have an announcement I’d like to make: I will be moving my weekly deep dive analysis and insights around Crabada from Twitter to our new P2E Analytics News page.

The goal behind this decision is to make P2E Analytics a one-stop-shop for all things gaming in Web3 –  starting with Crabada. So, be sure to keep up with the News section to get all the information, updates, and announcements that you will need to learn about the space.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s jump into our analysis to prep you for the upcoming week.

Inflation: Is it Killing Crabada Economy?

As you surely know, $TUS inflation has increased this week. Here’s some insights at a glance:

  • Daily Mint: 38.7MM (1.8% per day)
  • Daily Burn: 20.7MM (-1.0% per day)
  • Net Addition: 18.0MM (0.8% per day)
Crabada Economy TUS Issuing and Breed Stats 3 May 2022

As you can see, the chart above provides some really interesting information which indicates that inflation has been steadily increasing, more than breeding. Here’s the kicker, the daily issuance percentage has remained steady, relative to historical trends, so the core issue at play is lower breeding – I know, it’s obvious.

The blue line (burn) has trended up (less burn)

Crabada Economy TUS Inflation Chart 3 May 2022

Accordingly, breeding needs to be incentivized through profits; previously in the past few months, the price and number of crabs sold have stalled, which implies lower profit margins for breeders.

Crabada Sales 3 May 2022 - Economy
Crabada Economy TUS Sales 3 May 2022

Breeders have been relentless in increasing the crab population. However, the percentage of eggs to total population has declined from 9% in early February, to 6.7% in early May – resulting in the pace of the population growth to decelerate.

Percentage of Eggs to Total Population 3 May 2022

With that in mind, total crabs sold has been flat while egg growth has continued, indicating that breeders aren’t able to liquidate inventory as quickly. This impacts working capital, unless it’s offset by significant off-market sales. 

Given $TUS burns have been flat, I’m assuming it’s the former.

Player Growth at the Forefront of Crabada Economy

The key metric here is player growth; there are 13,937 $TUS holders growing at 0.8% per day since 4/18/2022, which is a bit slower than before. In the same timeframe, crab population has been growing at 1.4% per day, a bit slower than before, but much higher than $TUS holders. The average number of crabs per holder is currently 8.0, which is the highest it’s ever been.

The economy is clearly in a deep recession since the high gas prices, coupled with the lower $TUS prices, have increased difficulty in generating rewards. However, the upside catalyst that we’ve all been waiting for is the release of both the Swimmer Network (which was released on May 13th), and the Battle Game (scheduled for release on May 15th).

The Swimmer Network release will make transactions much faster, and will utilize $TUS as the gas token. It is worth mentioning that Crabada will not be the only game on the subnet, there will be many more that will utilize $TUS as the gas token.

So, it’s not all doom and gloom, be sure to expect $TUS burn to increase, which helps solve these inflation issues.

On the other hand, the Battle Game will enable discipleships (“scholarships”), meaning you can delegate your crabs to other players in exchange for splitting the rewards, which would subsequently help solve the player growth problem.

Tavern Guide

ROI has collapsed. The cheapest way to play the game is to buy one crab and rent it out. If one crab is expensive for you, be sure to check out CrabaDAO for cheaper entries into the game.

Tavern ROI Guide 3 May 2022

Mining with MR Guide

The best choice moving forward are combinations that include Primes for the 10% bonus. MR is an estimate, and not all team combinations are included. Also, analysis doesn’t include gas fees, which impacts profits. For more information, check out Miner’s Frenz on Twitter to determine if you should reinforce or not.

Mining With MR ROI Guide 3 May 2022

Mining with no MR Guide

If you don’t have time to reinforce, I suggest that you mine to lose since this generates more rewards than the Tavern, assuming you can mine at least five times a day. Your best bet is a combination of cheap crabs + none-pure Prime for the 10% bonus. Gas fees might make this attractive, so keep that in mind.

Mining without MR ROI Guide 3 May 2022

Breeding Guide

There are two methods of breeding: ABC and ABCD. The ABCD method assumes you buy two sets of parents to start off with while the ABC method is the cheaper way to start a breeding farm. The following table uses the ABC method and I’m not factoring in mining/looting. In this example, Primes come out on top.

Breeding ROI Guide 3 May 2022

Looting Guide

Please remember that this does not factor in gas fees! Not all combinations are included here. I assumed two mines and eight loots given the point system.

Crabada Looting ROI Guide 3 May 2022


Before You Leave our Crabada Economy Update…

There are too many different aspects to cover on Crabada’s economy happening in a single week to fit in one post. We’re hoping the information above helped you make better decisions. To go even deeper into the numbers, check out our GameFi Hub!

Be on the lookout for next week’s deep dive. Until then, follow me and P2E Analytics on Twitter for more updates, and join us on Discord to keep the conversation going!