Crabada Economy Update Mar 7, 2022

Yehia El Amine

Mar. 07, 2022

Your favorite part of the week is here: your Crabada economy report has arrived!

We have a lot to go through, so let’s get into it. 

Inflation on Crabada Economy

This week’s net inflation ticked up to 0.6%, coupled with good news that breeding has finally stabilized. Both marketplace and Tavern fees were higher, potentially pointing to an increase in activity. 

Also, TUS holder count growth has accelerated! 

TUS Inflation Chart 7 March 2022

TUS/Holder declined, which is also a good sign. While Crabs/TUS holders remained steady at 5.6, which I would rather see come down. In parallel, runway improved a bit, especially since the TUS required to breed enough crabs will reach 9 crabs per TUS holder. 

Similar to last week’s conclusion, inflation continues to be an issue. The bright side here is that breeding has stabilized, and new player growth has accelerated, which explains why TUS has stabilized in the $0.07-$0.09 range.

Crab Population and the Crabada Economy

Bulk growth has collapsed, while Primes are leading the pack, followed by Gems and Craboids. Overall growth has also stabilized, and eggs as a portion of total crabs held steady at around 7.8%.

Crabada Population Guide 7 March 2022

Breeding ROI Guide

This uses the ABC loop method, however the ABCD method is more optimal. I’m not factoring in mining/looting here, which improves ROI. Your best bet is still Organic, but it’s also the more expensive to start with. Also, Bulk ROI is at 109 days, while Bulk share decline will accelerate.

Breeding ROI Guide 7 March 2022

Tavern ROI Guide 

The easiest and cheapest way to start playing the game is by buying 1 crab and renting it out in the Tavern. On the other side, Lowest ROI days are Ruined. Assuming crabs rent out 11 times a day, profit is net of 10% tavern fee. However, ROI is longer compared to last week. 

Crabada Tavern ROI Guide 7 March 2022

Mining w/ MR ROI Guide 

The best ROI are primes followed by a combination of floors and non-pure prime, benefiting from the 10% bonus. Miner’s revenge is an estimate. There are many other team combinations besides the below, while ROI days have improved (shorter).

Mining with MR ROI Guide 7 March 2022

Mining w/ no MR ROI Guide

If you don’t have the time to reinforce, one option is to mine and lose. This generates better returns than the Tavern. Your best bet is a combination of cheap crabs + none-pure Prime for the 10% bonus. Also, ROI has improved!

Crabada Mining Without MR ROI Guide 7 March 2022

Looting ROI Guide

Bot patches are going to be released tomorrow! I’m assuming Bulks are still able to loot successfully and the ROI considerations stay the same. Your best bet is Bulks, but Primes might have a larger target market. ROI has gotten shorter here as well!

Looting ROI Guide 7 March 2022

It seems that the economy is finding its footing, but we’re not out of the woods yet given the higher emission. The brightest side of this report is that breeding has stabilized, and new player growth has accelerated. The improved ROI could help sustain this trend.

The best news from last week was the announcement that $TUS will be the gas token of the @swimmer_network subnet. This will serve as a major sink for $TUS which will help set a higher floor price. Try out the subnet testnet if you haven’t done so, it’s super fast!

Besides the @swimmer_network, I’m looking forward to the Battle Game which should launch by early April. 

Bonus Round on Crabada Economy

The bot patch has had a bigger impact than I expected, crab prices have jumped, and this materially impacts the breeding ROI guide. You probably can breed more for each parent set than my assumptions in the table. Consult Discord for advice, the community is very helpful.

That’s a wrap for this week on Crabada’s economy! I’ll catch you guys on Twitter for more analysis and insights, until then #snibsnib

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