Crabada Economy Update Mar 28, 2022

Yehia El Amine

Mar. 28, 2022

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of the game, there are some small announcements that I’d like to make. First off, for this update, I’ll be utilizing charts and resources from P2E Analytics to cover Crabada, the #1 P2E game on Avalanche. 

Also, P2E Analytics’ Discord server will be live tomorrow! Also, the full site will be live on Tuesday/Wednesday so keep an eye out! 

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way, let’s jump right in: 

Inflation and Crabada’s Economy

Let’s start off with some good news, inflation has been hovering between 0.20-0.45% this week as you can see in the chart below. 

TUS Inflation Chart 28 March 2022

In parallel, Prime and Craboid populations are growing the fastest, while Gems have stalled out. 

Crab Populations 28 March 2022

There is quite the decent amount of new Primes and Craboids hatching in the coming few days, so watch out for their prices!

Hatching Schedule 28 March 2022

Tavern ROI Guide 

The easiest and cheapest way to play the game is by buying one crab and renting it out, with the lowest ROI days are Craboids. Assuming crabs rent out 11 times a day, profit is a net of 10% tavern fee. If one crab is expensive for you, check out @Craba_DAO for a cheap entry!

Crabada Tavern ROI Guide 28 March 2022

Mining w/ MR ROI Guide

The best ROI are Primes, benefiting from the 10% bonus, since miner’s revenge is an estimate. There are many other team combinations besides the below to adopt; generally speaking, ROI has improved.

Crabada Mining With MR ROI Guide 28 March 2022

Mining w/ no MR ROI Guide 

If you don’t have the time to reinforce your team, one option is to mine and lose. This generates better return than the Tavern, assuming you can mine at least five times a day. Best bet is a combination of cheap crabs + none-pure Prime for the 10% bonus.

Crabada Mining without MR ROI Guide 28 March 2022

Crabada Breeding ROI Guide 

This utilizes the ABC loop method, while ABCD is more optimal, I’m not factoring in mining/looting which improves ROI. The virgin breed cost of many classes (Surge, Sunken, Caboids, Ruined, and Organics) dropped to an all time low; looking deeper, this will lower startup costs but increase ROI days.

Crabada Breeding ROI Guide 28 March 2022In comparison, breeding using the ABCD method results in lower ROI days for the initial investment. If you use the ABCD method, assume you buy two sets of parents to start off with.
Crabada Breeding ROI Guide 28 March 2022

Looting ROI Guide

Your best bet is Bulks, but Primes might have a larger target market.

Crabada Looting ROI Guide 28 March 2022

In summary, based on last week’s data, it seems that the Crabada economy is doing OK. ROI has improved across the board because average crab prices have come down and $TUS has increased. The drop in virgin breed prices of certain classes can kick start a new breeding phase potentially.

Upcoming catalysts include the Battle Game which was delayed to mid-April. This will enable scholarships which can expand TAM. I would have anticipated more marketplace activity, but it could be that many are waiting to see how Battle Game impacts $TUS rewards and ROI.

Any material change to the idle game rewards could have a meaningful short-term impact to the economy and crab prices, so keep an eye out. However, I don’t think I can be more bullish long-term, particularly on all the developments around @swimmer_network

Before You Go…

As all of you may know, almost all P2E games go through changes and fluctuations to their respectful economies, inflation, and much more, to better understand how Crabada’s overall space functions, check out our P2E GameFi Hub that provides gamers with all the analytics and insights needed to make better informed decisions. 

Come join our community, and keep the conversation going on our Twitter and Discord server! See y’all there!