Crabada Economy Update Mar 17, 2022

Yehia El Amine

Mar. 17, 2022

Buckle up everyone, this week has been a handful with major improvements to the Crabada Economy.

First off, net inflation is down to 0.2%, driven by higher breeding and lower emissions, likely due to more crabs either looting or renting. In parallel, marketplace fees have jumped. I took the liberty of adding an annualized revenue metric in USD.

TUS Inflation Chart 17 March 2022 Crabada Economy

Think of the Tavern and marketplace fees as revenue accruing to the CRA token. On March 16, the annualized revenue was $31.9MM, a great achievement for any new venture. This implies a 27.7x revenue multiple, which is low considering the annualized $TUS fee growth of +900%.

$TUS holder count continues to grow, albeit at a slower pace. On the other side, Crabs/TUS holders remained steady at 5.6 which means that player and crab growth were similar throughout the week. With that in mind, Runway improved a bit (defined as TUS required to breed enough crabs to reach nine crabs per TUS holder). 

Also, I’ve added a new chart to this report covering marketplace activity, which showed that the seven-day average is up by 45% compared to the 3/6 stats!

Marketplace Activity 7 March - 16 March 2022

Crap Population and Crabada’s Economy

Bulk growth has held steady, with Craboids now leading the pack, followed up by Primes, and Sunken. In parallel, overall growth is stable, but eggs as a portion of total crabs have increased, so expect overall growth to accelerate in the case this continues.

Crab Population Guide 17 March 2022

Breeding ROI Guide 

This uses the ABC loop method, while ABCD is more optimal, I’m not factoring in mining/looting which improves ROI. Your best bet is still organic for percentage returns on the breeding fees alone; Craboids have the best ROI given the lower initial start-up cost.

Breeding ROI Guide 17 March 2022 Crabada Economy

To get a better idea, check out this breeding thread by @TheCryptoGemini

Tavern ROI Guide 

The easiest and cheapest way to start playing the game is by buying one crab and renting it out in the Tavern. Lowest ROI days are Craboids, assuming crabs rent out 11 times a day, and profit is net of 10% tavern fee.

Tavern ROI Guide 17 March 2022

Mining w/ MR ROI Guide

The best ROI are Primes followed by a combination of floors and non-pure Prime, benefiting from the 10% bonus. Miner’s revenge is an estimate. There are many other team combinations besides the below.

Mining With MR ROI Guide 17 March 2022 Crabada Economy

Mining w/ no MR ROI Guide 

If you don’t have the time to reinforce, one option is to mine and lose. This generates better return than the Tavern, assuming you can mine at least five times a day. Your best bet is a combination of cheap crabs + none-pure Prime for the 10% bonus.

Mining without MR ROI Guide 17 March 2022 Crabada Economy

Looting ROI Guide 

The best bet here is Bulks, but Primes might have a larger target market. What do you think about Crabada’s economy?

Looting ROI Guide 17 March 2022 Crabada Economy

Check out this great looting guide put together by @KingSkyWing

In summary, the economy has improved in comparison to last week, with inflation being less of an issue now, coupled with a strengthened marketplace activity, which explains why TUS price has increased.

Something worthy to highlight is one major difference between Crabada and Axie Infinity following, which is that TUS is the marketplace currency, whereas SLP is not. This drives buying pressure of TUS (without the immediate offsetting sale) when new players buy, since it makes figuring out the breeding economics much easier. 

These economic indicators have improved since the last few reports, with a big catalyst being the upcoming Battle Game which will enable very cool gameplay options as well as scholarships.

Before You Go…

As all of you may know, almost all P2E games go through changes and fluctuations to their respectful economies, inflation, and much more, to better understand how Crabada’s overall space functions, check out our GameFi Hub that provides gamers with all the analytics and insights needed to make better informed decisions. 

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