Crabada Economy Update Feb 28, 2022

Yehia El Amine

Feb. 28, 2022


Currently, net inflation stands flat at 0.5% compared to 2/20, with both emission and breeding looking steady (surprisingly), while marketplace activity has declined. Curious about Crabada’s economy? Keep on reading!

TUS Inflation Chart 28 February 2022

There lies an offset by growth in daily Tavern fees, which impacts the price $TUS (lower new buyers) as well as price of $CRA (lower revenue to the game). In parallel, TUS holder counts have grown, but at a slower pace. 

To help measure this, I’ve added a new measurement, TUS per Holder, which has increased – unfortunately, this isn’t a great sign. 

Crab population has increased at a faster rate than the user population, putting pressure on crab prices, while Crab/Holder is at its highest level. Runway is at 31 days – we’ve been here before; hopefully, I would like for it to not go much below this level. 

The Verdict on Crabada’s Economy

What’s driving TUS prices lower is a combination of the inflation compounding overtime, more TUS tokens per player with reduced marketplace activity. In this case, I expect breeding to continue ticking lower and crab prices to decline as well – keep in mind the macro backdrop though. 

Crap Population

What surprised me the most is growth in Bulks, they were the second highest bred crab; in parallel, Bulks lost market share to Primes and Gems. Overall growth has slowed down, eggs make up 8% of total crabs vs. 9% before. So, I expect Bulk, Prime and Gem growth to decline.

Crab Population Guide 28 February 2022

Tavern ROI Guide

The easiest and cheapest way to start playing the game and taking chances at the Crabada’s economy is by buying one crab and renting it out in the Tavern. Lowest ROI days are primes. Assuming crabs rent out 11 times a day, profit is net of 10% tavern fee.

Tavern ROI Guide 28 February 2022

Mining w/ MR ROI Guide

The best ROI are primes followed by a combination of bulks and prime, benefiting from the 10% bonus. Miner’s revenge is an estimate. Please reach out if you have a different experience, since there’s many other team combinations besides the below as well.

Mining with MR ROI Guide 28 February 2022

Mining w/ no MR ROI Guide

If you don’t have the time to reinforce, one option is to mine and lose. This generates better returns than the Tavern. Your best bet is a combination of cheap crabs + Prime for the 10% bonus.

Mining Without MR ROI Guide 28 February 2022

Breeding ROI Guide – Profiting with Crabada’s Economy

This uses the ABC loop method and my assumption of how many times one should breed. I’m not factoring in mining or looting in between breeding, this improves ROI. Best bet is Organic, but it’s also more expensive to start with.

Crabada Breeding ROI Guide 28 February 2022

Looting ROI Guide

This might come in more handy once (hopefully) the bot issue is fixed. I’m assuming bulks are still able to loot successfully. Please let me know if this isn’t the case. Best bet is Bulks, but Primes might have a larger target market.

Crabada Looting ROI Guide 28 February 2022

Final Thoughts on Crabada’s Economy

Besides the bearish macro backdrop, there’s been a proliferation of games on Avalanche which have better ROI and lower entry costs – but are riskier. The combination of these factors, coupled with the meta change which lowered ROI has caused lower growth.

On the positive side, player count continues to increase and investors continue to breed. In my opinion, Crabada is a blue-chip name with a strong team behind it executing on a robust roadmap. So, I’m okay with the lower ROI here.

Crabada 2022 Roadmap

Near term catalysts include the Battle Game, subnets, scholarships and more. For the subnet, I believe it could be a good idea to have $TUS used as the gas token and burnt. To put it into perspective, we are only a few thousand players compared to Axie’s hundreds of thousands.

We have a long road ahead! I view myself as a partner in this startup platform alongside the development team. We’re building something big here so I continue to invest in the game. Be aware of your risk tolerance, and don’t forget to have fun out there! #snibsnib

Before You Go…

It’s been a long week in Crabada’s economy, with so many changes rolling out this week, our P2E GameFi Hub allows players to focus their decision-making for better results in the game, so check it out now! And while you’re at it, visit our Discord server and Twitter page to keep the conversation going.