Crabada Economy Update Apr 6, 2022

Yehia El Amine

Apr. 06, 2022

This week is packed with new updates, so let’s dig in! 

Let’s start off with $TUS minting and burning since they have an impact on the overall economy. Based on the charts shown below, minting new $TUS has steadily increased due to the higher number of crabs. 

TUS Issuing and Breed Stats 6 April 2022

Breeding is somewhat cyclical (with peaks) based on the activity of certain whales. In general, breeding has kept pace with growth of minting. But in recent weeks, its pace slowed down impacting net inflation, as breeding fees are burned.

Leaning on the information presented in the graphs, this week’s breeding average almost doubled to approximately 0.40%. This high reached 0.47% compared to almost 0.20% a couple of weeks back. The math suggests that roughly +22 million $TUS were minted a day, with +17.5 million being burned. 

Based on personal research and predictions, I see net inflation to reach an average of <0.30%. 

TUS Inflation Chart 6 April 2022

In parallel, Prime and Craboid populations are still growing at the quickest rate. While the majority of eggs hatched being Primes and Craboids. 

Prime and Craboid Populations 6 April 2022
Hatching Schedule 6 April 2022

It’s interesting to speculate if the bulk population changes later down the road from pure crabs to something else. I say this, because @oxtender mentioned that the Crabada team loves mixed crabs equally as pure ones on @_Crabadio

Pure vs Non-Pure Trends 7 April 2022

Tavern Guide & More on Crabada Economy

So far, the cheapest way to play the game is by purchasing a crab to rent it out, with the most rewards being Craboids. Assuming crabs rent out 11 times a day, and rewards are a net of 10% tavern fee. 

If one crab is expensive for you, check out our partners @Craba_DAO for a cheap entry into the game!

Tavern ROI Guide 6 April 2022 Crabada Economy

Mining w/ MR Guide 

The best choice are combinations of two high MP crabs coupled with a pure Prime (to get to a total of 230+ MP), benefiting from the 10% bonus and shorter mining time. MR is an estimate with not all team combinations are included – analysis does not include gas fees.

Mining With MR ROI Guide 6 April 2022 Crabada Economy

Mining w/ no MR Guide

If you don’t have time to reinforce, you can still mine to lose, which generates more rewards than the Tavern, assuming you can mine at least five times a day. Your best bet is a combo of cheap crabs + none-pure Prime to get your hands on the 10% bonus; gas fees might make this an attractive option. 

Mining without MR ROI Guide 6 April 2022 Crabada Economy

Breeding Guide 

This utilizes the ABC loop method, while ABCD is more optimal, I’m not factoring in mining and looting which improves ROI. The best bet are Primes, no wonder their population is growing, and fast!

Breeding ROI Guide 6 April 2022 Crabada Economy

Breeding using the ABCD method results in lower ROI days for the initial investment. In parallel, ABCD method assumes you buy two sets of parents to start off with.

Breeding ROI Guide 6 April 2022 Crabada Economy

Crab/Holder Insights on Crabada Economy

$TUS holder count has accelerated! 

As of 4/4 there were 10,706 $TUS holders, growing at 1.4% per day compared to <1.0% in the past week which is a great sign! However, the crab population continues to grow faster at 1.7% per day, hitting 6.9 crabs/holder compared to 5.6 cabs a few weeks ago. 

Unless we see big whales coming, crab prices could continue trending down.

In conclusion, the key issue here is inflation and slower breeding compared to historical periods. However, the upside is that new player growth has accelerated, with the Crabada economy likely to remain volatile and inflationary until we get a better sense of the rewards of Battle Game.

The Battle Game will enable scholarships which will lower the barrier of entry for new players, so we might see player growth accelerate upon launch which will help the economy. 

Before You Go…

A lot of things happened in Cradaba this week, which is why understanding the fundamentals of the game are crucial to playing it, our GameFi Hub helps players understand the tokenomics of the game to make informed decisions on their journeys. 

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