Crabada Crystal Shells Exploit Fix

Jethro Sandico

Jun. 24, 2022

The Crabada team recently released the Auto Level-Reset System update, which is designed to avert attempts to unfairly take advantage of Crystal Shell farming. Let’s dig deeper to find out what this means for the game. 

The dev team noticed that Crystal Shells were being acquired at an unusually fast rate. Some players transferred their crabs to a new account to farm Shells at less competitive lower levels. After that, they return the crabs to their original account with more Crystal Shells. Some in the Crabada community pointed this out as an unfair advantage.

With this new Auto Level-Reset system in place, any activity in Battle Game mode will reset the levels of the transferred crabs which prevents this unfair advantage.  

Crystal Shells are a Battle Game currency players can earn from Adventure Mode to level up their crabs. In order to receive Crystal Shells through this system, players must reset the levels of their crabs before selling or gifting them to a fellow player. If a player forgets to do this, the original game account will only collect 80% of the total Crystal Shells, instead of 95%.

The Auto Level-Reset feature only occurs under certain circumstances. For example, if a player receives crabs through gifts, swaps, or marketplace listing, then the crab level automatically resets.

In Battle Game, the receiving account will also reset automatically if you start Adventure Mode, Battle Mining and Battle Looting. Additionally, level resets, level ups and feeding your crabs in Battle Game will also trigger the Auto-Level Reset.

On the contrary, breeding, gifting, swapping, and listing Crabada for sale, as well as transferring them to and from the Battle Game, will not prompt the Auto Level-Reset. 

The dev team has stated previously they want to make the game as fair as possible. Fixing this exploit helps to ensure a level playing field for all players.  

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