Crabada and Clashub Hosts AMA

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 19, 2022

Play-and-Earn game Crabada and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) card game Clashub hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on their Discord server on July 14, 2022. 

The AMA was attended by Crabada Partnerships Lead Kirbee and Community Manager ACV. Also in attendance was Clashub Marketing Advisor Firat Aktaş, Game Mechanics Manager Uğur Şenyavaş, and Community Manager Mustafa Merca.

The group discussion focused on Clashub, a new card game on the Avalanche Network. Here’s what we learned from the AMA:

Game Overview 

Uğur Şenyavaş shared insights to listeners on several Clashub basics. “If the NFT collection has its metadata open, we can read their metadata to turn them into playing cards, and we calculate their rarity scores – using a formula we created – that generates attack powers and armors for their NFTs as playing cards. Then they’ll clash against each other in a turn-based system,” Şenyavaş explained.

Players can also buy power-ups from the marketplace to increase their cards’ defensive and offensive capabilities. This helps maintain balance in competition by giving weaker cards the chance to beat stronger ones.

When asked whether the original attributes of an NFT will be affected after using it in Clashub, Aktaş highlighted “all these games, battles, the winning, the losing etc. does not affect the original NFT in your wallet.” 


Clashub is currently working with Avalanche-based Play-and-Earn game Crabada, NFT collections Firat, Funnelheads, and Avalanche Party Animals, as well as Ethereum-based projects Peaceful Toadz, and Blvck Paris.


On July 20, Clashub will conduct a testnet run on the Swimmer Network subnet. The team is inviting individuals to play the game, provide valuable feedback, and receive rewards if selected as one of the top five contributors.

According to Aktaş, the team will accept all sorts of critique and suggestions that will come from the participants, as long as it helps improve the game. ”Anything and everything from technical bugs to user interface, any suggestions. Anything that will help us make this experience better is welcome,” Aktaş added.

Next Steps

The Clashub team plans to utilize the feedback gathered from the testnet. This is meant to launch a better version of the game that includes a broader list of game-approved NFTs.

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