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Crabada Challenge: Duel Mode

Posted June 23, 2022 4:15 pm
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By Leo Almeida

Crabada recently launched the Battle Game v1.0.5 updates, which includes the addition of “Challenge: Duel Mode,” which allows players to duel each other. The Crabada team also introduced  a new rule for Mining, which will require specific levels for all crabs to mine in Special Mining Zones.  

Battle Game v1.0.5 Challenge: Duel Mode

This new update in Battle Mode enables you to fight other Crabada players by sending them a QR Code. Prior to the duel, you must agree upon a Duel cost, which is paid by the loser in Treasure Under Sea ($TUS). In addition to the Duel cost, both players are required to pay a fee of ten $TUS, which will be burned. 

The purpose of this feature is to encourage friendly battle, test new strategies and, of course, burn $TUS in the process. Following on from this, the Crabada team plans to implement player-vs-player (PvP) leaderboards and a “Duel with the Devs” option.

Battle Mining at Level-Specific Zones

Before this update, players could use any level crabs to mine in any tier of mining zone. Now players will have to use a higher level to mine on the higher tiers. The Crabada team has previously said they are shifting to a materials based economy and this update helps to keep those materials scarce. 

Here are the changes to level requirements for each of the tiers of Special Mining Zones:

  • Treasure Isle 1–4 => Requires a team of minimum Level 1 Crabada
  • Zahara Tombs 1–4 => Requires a team of minimum Level 10 Crabada
  • Frozen Falls 1–4 => Requires a team of minimum Level 20 Crabada
  • Volcanic Peak 1–4 => Requires a team of minimum Level 30 Crabada
  • Soulful Seaway 1–4 => Requires a team of minimum Level 40 Crabada

These are just a couple of the planned updates the Crabada team has announced  to help improve gameplay. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. 

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