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Crabada: Arena Mode

Posted July 11, 2022 8:18 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Crabada introduced the latest Battle Game v1.0.7 update on July 5, 2022, which highlighted some much-awaited additions to the title’s gameplay, including Arena Mode and Batch Feeding, the company said in a Tweet.

Crabada Battle Game v1.0.7 is ready for release on Apple App Store, MacOS, Windows, while its Android release is yet to receive approval; let’s take a look at what Battle Game v1.0.7 offers:

Arena Mode

Arena Mode starts every Monday at 00:00 UTC and closes on Sundays at 12:00 UTC. The feature is one of the most anticipated updates to Crabada, as it adds an exciting new facet of the game bringing more player interactions, all in the spirit of competitiveness and fun.

More about Arena Mode:

Weekly Leaderboards

A Player’s main goal in the mode is to climb to the top of the weekly leaderboards by winning arena matches. 

Arena Points

Arena Points (AP) determine the player’s Arena Ranking. AP can be gained by either challenging opponents, having their Defense Team challenged by an opponent or getting Revenge on lost challenges.

Arena Tickets

Users require Arena Tickets to compete in Arena Matches, with a maximum of three tickets held simultaneously by a single player.

Defense Team

Setting up a Defense Team is required before challenging other players.

Matching System

Arena Mode uses a system that matches gamers against each other daily with opponents possessing similar AP.


The Revenge feature provides another shot at a rematch, in case of a lost first battle. 

Weekly Arena Rewards

Top-ranking Arena Challengers will receive weekly awards in the form of User Experience (Exp) and Crystal Shells (CS). Becoming number one on the leaderboard rewards users with 1,000 Exp and 4,200 CS.

2.) New Quality-of-Life Features

Batch Feeding

The introduction of Batch Feeding allows players to feed their Crabada simultaneously using sufficient food items – however, these food items are low, they can be substituted with $TUS fries. 

Preset Team Formations

When starting a new Mine/Loot, users can leverage Team Formation presets to add another layer to their tactics. 

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