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Crabada AMA Summary

Posted June 17, 2022 3:19 pm
2 min
By Leo Almeida

The Crabada team hosted a written Ask Me Anything (AMA) session in their Discord channel on 6/6/22. In that session the team answered questions regarding Terms of Service, Gameplay, Land, Marketing, Economy, and more. Here’s a summary of the key takeaways. 

Terms of Service

  • The Terms of Service for Crabada aims to cover all botting activity except what the dev team considers acceptable, such as data analytics.
  • Crabs that violate Terms of Service will be blacklisted. In addition, blacklisted crabs will not have access to the marketplace. 
  • No specific date for Terms of Service to be implemented.


  • Batch feeding planned for Update 1.0.6 which will be released June 20th.
  • Preset teams planned for Update 1.0.7 with no specific date given.
  • Lands is a priority and the team is currently working on the complex concepts of everything involved including: ROI, Treasure Under Sea (TUS) sinks, and mechanics.


  • The target of marketing is to acquire high-quality users to Crabada. To do that they will decrease the barriers of onboarding. In the short-term, that means targeting a Web3 audience. For the long-term, they plan on targeting a Web2 audience.
  • The focus will be creating high-quality game-related assets and content around the Battle Game followed by exploring ads. 
  • The marketing campaign will start in the next few weeks.


  • Plans to create more TUS sinks and utilities and introduce materials based economy. 
  • There isn’t a priority on addressing discipleship accounts for now.
  • No plans for staking TUS.
  • Ideas to make TUS appreciate include Lands as well as the shift to a materials based economy. 


  • The team plans to launch a new game based on Crabada IP that will showcase a new experience for players. No specific details at this time. 

It was a jam-packed session with too many questions for the team to answer. The dev team continues to build and expects more updates soon. For a full transcript of the AMA, check the Discord channel in the AMA section.

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