Crabada AMA Full of Juicy Alpha

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 05, 2022

In late September, Play-to-Earn game Crabada unveiled a bunch of updates including the introduction of Equipment and Attribute features. The team isn’t resting on their laurels just yet as the game’s supporters await a slew of new offerings in Q4.

The first week of October is already chock full of treats and it isn’t even Halloween yet. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the Crabada Kingdom.

Community Updates

In a recent Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session, the team announced plans to restart Crabada’s Contributors Program. The initiative aims to recognize and support content creators, contributors, and other community members who have been helping out to push the game forward. 

“You guys are the expert, you guys have great input and content, we really like to reward you for that and support you for that,” the team stated

Additionally, Crabada is also introducing the Arena Feedback Program, which will feature weekly interviews with “players of all skill levels.”

Gameplay Updates

The upcoming gameplay updates will focus on the balancing of skills, eye effects, and Crabada stats. Basically, skills will now possess some eye effects, which are triggered by critical strikes. In addition to that, the game will also introduce a stacking mechanic (such as poison).

Below are more forthcoming changes to the gameplay:

  • Before: 6 Bitcoin Rockets will deal the enemy with 200% damage. 
  • After: 6 Bitcoin Rockets will still deal the enemy with 200% damage. However, if Bitcoin’s current HP is less than 30% max HP, Bitcoin rockets will ignore the enemy’s defense.
  • Before: Creating a powerful tornado can strike an enemy and inflict 200% damage.
  • After: Creating a powerful tornado can strike an enemy and inflict 200% damage. A newly added feature is the 70% chance trigger of decreasing speed debuff on the enemy (for two turns). Moreover, the enemy will get stunned if its pincer’s skill bar is already empty.

Economy Updates

Crabada’s economy is undergoing some significant changes this Q4. New in-game assets such as Diamond and Ruby will make their debut in the game soon. Additionally, the team will also introduce Dragnet and Spinach, which are designed to help improve Quality of Life (QoL).


Initially, Diamond was designed for Ruby and QoL Materials exchange. In the near future, players will be able to use Diamond to redeem game perks, or obtain new QoL materials. Players can transfer the asset to main and disciple accounts. Moreover, participants can acquire unlimited Diamond in the marketplace using USDC.


Rubies are a crucial requirement for crafting new items. According to the team, Rubies will be needed “alongside with one of the materials that you need to farm or mint in the game.”

The game will reward Ruby to players who will participate in Mining and Looting (20 Ruby each time, with a maximum of 100 per day). Alternatively, users can also exchange Diamond for Ruby. 

Ruby is non-transferable and will have a maximum of 300 Ruby per account (exchange and inbox claiming can bypass the limit). 

Crabada Rubies

QoL Materials

For players who don’t have the time to handle some of the activities on Crabada, they can obtain QoL materials to speed up some procedures. Players can now use a Dragnet to Batch claim all Mines/Loots. Additionally, users can use Spinach for “Quick Loot” and “Repeat Mines.”


Crafting is one of the major updates in Crabada. For crafting, players will need Materials and Rubies. Equipment stats are spawned randomly using either flat numbers or 0% attributes. The Materials have four criterias including Type, Rarity, Supportive Classes, and Quantity.

“Technically, let’s say you have two teams of level 1 crafts, nowadays you also have to think about strategy, the equipment that you’re going to equip for your crafts. How you can win without too much effort,” the team stated in the recent AMA.

One of the tips shared by the devs focuses on the advantage of having more mix classes when crafting.

“The more mix classes that you have in your craft and your genes, the more chances that you have in order to satisfy the equipment’s requirements, which is the hidden stats,” the team added.

Crabada Crafting Options

About Crabada

Crabada is an Avalanche-based Play-and-Earn idle game that utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of hermit crabs called “Crabadas”. Players will need three crabs to form a team that they can use to join battles, as well as mine, loot, and breed

As of this writing, Crabada has an all-time sales of 6,163,315,187 $TUS ($1,526,036). The sales for the last 7 days is 196,417,468 $TUS($48,632.97), while the last 30 days saw a total of 838,588,868 $TUS ($207.634.60) in sales (per P2EAnalytics).


The digital assets that drive the world of Crabada are the NFTs and the tokens $CRA and $TUS (to learn more about the game’s tokenomics, click here). 

  • Crabada NFTs: Players are required to obtain Crabada NFTsto be able to play the game. As of this writing, a NFT is priced for as low as 16,000 $TUS ($3.95), and as high as 20,000,000 $TUS ($4,932.80), per Crabada Marketplace.
Crabada NFTs
  • $CRA: $CRA is the game’s governance token. It is acquired through gameplay and staking. As of this writing $CRA is trading at $0.01472, with a $2,679,128 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $134,664 (per CoinMarketCap).
Crabada Chart
  • $TUS: $TUS is an in-game currency that players can earn via gameplay. They can also acquire the token via a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). As of this writing, $TUS is trading at $0.0002476, with a $391,947 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $45,069 (per CoinMarketCap).
TUS Chart