Chikn Game July Recap and Roadmap Updates

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 09, 2022

Chikn game had a series of updates on the system from July until early August, 2022. These updates focus on improving the experience for its players. 

Built on the Avalanche blockchain, Chikn is an expanding Non-Fungible Token (NFT) game with 10,000 “algorithmically generated” NFTs of chickens. The game also allows players to acquire FarmLands and Roosts to increase their capability of earning in-game rewards.

On August 6, the Chikn team shared some of the game’s recent progress, as well as some upcoming plans for the remainder of 2022.

What’s New on Chikn.Farm?

  • FarmLand Leaderboard: Chikn Farm NFT land owners can now enjoy recognition by winning and climbing up the leaderboard.
  • Unlimited FarmLand Size: Although there are no added benefits for possessing much bigger FarmLands, players can use this advantage to dominate the leaderboard.
  • FarmLand Naming Service: After developing their property, owners can now give their farms a proper name, instead of relying solely on wallet usernames.
  • NFT Transfer Service: Players can now transfer their NFTs for free without leaving the Chikn farm.

Things to look out for in Chikn Game:

  • 3D Metaverse: According to the team, the Chikn 3D metaverse is “quickly becoming a reality,” as the creators lay the foundations for this new aspect of the game.
  • Website Gamification: The team is planning a “next-level experience” before the end of Q3 in 2022, by deploying changes to the website, including its gamification and a revamped UX design.
  • Roostr Daycare: Players can submit their Roostrs to the daycare and have them fed regularly while automatically harvesting their $FERT. A required custodial contract ensures the submitted NFT’s security.
  • Bulk Roosting: Bulk Roosting will allow players to interact, feed, and upgrade their Roostrs in one go. This feature aims to reduce the effort required for growing Roostrs and earning $FERT tokens.
  • Foraging: Foraging will be one of the vital additions to Chikn’s gameplay and ecosystem in the near future. This feature allows players to send their Chikn and Roostr to their Farmland, and gather off-chain resources that can be forged into collectible and upgradable NFTs. 
  • Breeding: The introduction of Breeding features is scheduled for Q4 of 2022, allowing the team to prepare efficiently for the onboarding of newcomers to the ecosystem.
  • ChiknQuest: The team has been working on a mini-game called “ChiknQuest” for some time until it evolved into a bigger project, prompting the devs to extend the production schedule.
  • CoqFight: Currently, the Chikn team is designing and creating illustrations for the pre-alpha gameplay rig. Combining new ideas while remaining to the game’s original aesthetics, the project will feature Chikn and Rooster NFTs in different art styles, across the metaverse and the entire ecosystem.

What Are the Tokens and NFTs of Chikn Game?

The Chikn game ecosystem has the following tokens:

  • $EGG: Chikn NFTs lay $EGG which is the utility token of the game. You stake $EGG to get $FEED. Priced at $0.18, it has a market cap of $1.3 million (per Snowtrace). New tokens are issued daily to NFT stakers, and some tokens are burned based on in-game interactions.
  • $FEED: Has a capped supply of 12 billion tokens. Used to feed chikns to make them bigger. Any used $FEED is burned. The token trades at $0.0001834 and has low daily volume.
  • $FERT: Used to enhance LP Farm rewards. Tokens are burnt after use. Trades at $0.01218 and has low daily volume.

The game’s NFTS include Chikn, Roostr, and Farm. The NFT floor prices vary depending on rarity, at the time of this writing the floor prices were as follows (range based on common to rarest):

  • Chikn: 29.9 – 969.7 $AVAX
  • Roostr: 5.8 – 350 $AVAX
  • Farmland: 3.9 – 142.1 $AVAX