Chikn Community Votes, a Model for Web3 Games

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 02, 2022

Chikn Game demonstrates the essence of Web3 Gaming, which is giving power to the community.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and gaming ecosystem Chikn’s community is currently dealing with 19 “lonely” unclaimed Roostrs. The moderators in the game’s Discord server posted on August 30, 2022, the token links and the wallet addresses carrying the NFTs.

Seven of the wallets have been inactive for more than a hundred days and only six have been identified as active. However, since it is almost impossible to know what really happened to those accounts, it is important that the community handle the issue with caution.

DAO Voting

One of the advantages of true decentralization is granting the community the power to shape the ecosystem. They can help as well in making decisions that will impact the project in the long run, with the help of governance tokens.

Leveraging the Decentralized Autonomous Organization’s (DAO) community-centric model, members were asked to participate in deciding what to do with the unclaimed Roostrs. 

What are DAOs

The dev team suggested burning them (which they referred to as a “Viking Funeral”), or giving them away as part of a community prize pool. Other options also include auctioning the assets and donating the proceeds to charity, or vote to leave the NFTs alone and “do nothing.”

The devs can take the liberty of doing whatever they want with the Roostrs. However, more participants seem to oppose the idea of touching them. Furthermore, players cited the owners’ rights to their property and wallets, suggesting they just leave the NFTs alone instead.

“People reserved and paid for them, leave them. It doesn’t matter. Someone forgot, or just doesn’t care, or lost their wallet passwords. Leave them alone,” Discord member RyanMcBay stated, adding “The Dev Team is under no obligation to do anything with them, nor unless as you have mentioned a time limit on claiming them.”

What is Chikn?

Chikn is an NFT gaming ecosystem that holds 10,000 algorithmically-generated “Chikns” on the Avalanche blockchain. Basically, the game starts with players purchasing Chikn NFTs to collect $EGG. Additionally, they can also farm $FEED which provides nourishment for the Chikns, making them “Biggr” and better at laying $EGGs.

In late August, Chikn’s assets experienced a sudden upsurge in value. Let’s take a look at the current prices of the game’s NFTs and tokens:


  1. Chikn

As of this writing, Chikn NFTs has a total volume of 213,888 $AVAX ($4,115,205.12) with the following rarity floor prices (per Chikn Market):

  • Common – 35 $AVAX ($673.40)
  • Nice – 37 $AVAX ($711.88)
  • Rare – 42 $AVAX ($808.08)
  • Elite – 49 $AVAX ($942.76)
  • Legendary – 86 $AVAX ($1,654.64)
  • Unique – 850 $AVAX ($16,354)
Chikn NFTs
  1. Roostr

As of this writing Roostr NFTs has a total volume of 58,244 $AVAX ($1,120,614.56). Below are Roostr’s rarity floor prices (per Chikn Market): 

  • Common – 7.5 $AVAX ($144.3-)
  • Nice – 8.7 $AVAX ($167.38)
  • Rare – 12 $AVAX ($230.88)
  • Elite – 20 $AVAX ($384.80)
  • Legendary – 42 $AVAX ($808.08)
  • Unique – 352 $AVAX ($6,772.48)
Roostr NFTs
  1. FarmLand

As of this writing FarmLand NFTs has a total volume of 14,495 $AVAX ($278,883.80), with the following “bigness” floor prices (per Chikn Market).

  • Humble – 4.79 $AVAX ($92.16)
  • Big – 5.37 $AVAX ($103.32)
  • Vast – 9 $AVAX ($173.16)
  • Massive – 50 $AVAX ($962)
  • Infinite – 175 $AVAX ($3,367)
FarmLand NFTs


  • $EGG: $EGG is the main utility token of the Chikn ecosystem. As of this writing, $EGG is trading at $0.1945, with a 24-hour volume of $51,662 (per CoinMarketCap). Currently, the token has a $1.5million market cap (per Dex Screener).
Chikn Chart

  • $FEED: $FEED is used to nourish Chikns to make them grow bigger. As of this writing, the token is trading at $0.0002889 with a 24-hour volume of $16,502 (per CoinMarketCap). Currently, the token has a $1.1 million market cap (per Dex Screener).
Chikn Chart
  • $FERT: $FERT is used for enhancing Liquidity Pool (LP) Rewards. As of this writing $FERT is trading at $0.0126 with a 24-hour volume of $25,961 (per CoinMarketCap). Currently, the token has a $121,000 market cap (per Dex Screener).
Chikn Chart