Chad Doge Updates for Early July

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 18, 2022

Chad Doge is one of the latest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects to emerge on the Joepegs NFT marketplace in 2022. 

Residing on the Avalanche C-Chain, the digital art collection is inspired by “Chad,” a slang term for a typical brash and affluent alpha male, and “Doge,” which refers to Kabosu, the celebrated Shiba Inu canine whose picture became a viral internet meme in the 2010s.

Each Chad Doge NFT features a “doge” character portraying various personas such as an astronaut or a medieval knight and possesses different attributes that impact the asset’s value. Although the team claims to have future plans for the project, they seem to prefer a more spontaneous approach, believing that roadmaps “take away the surprise/suspense factor.”

“We have a vision and an ever evolving plan to get there. A fixed roadmap sets a fixed expectation in the community’s mind, taking away the team’s ability to respond well to challenges & opportunities uncovered later,” the Chad Doge team said on Twitter.

The creators of the NFT collection also emphasized on a July 4 Twitter post that community and fun are their priorities, which they say is achievable through high quality generative art, as well as unique pieces designed by native Avax artists.

Early July Updates

Meme Contest Extended

On July 12, the team announced the meme contest’s extension to July 19, 23:59 PM UTC. Users must create a Chad Doge meme to get a chance to win rare NFTs (Tag @avaxchaddoge and use #chaddoge in your entries).

2,000 AVAX Trading Volume

Chad Doge crossed 2,000 AVAX in trading volume “across all markets,” the team tweeted on July 12.


On July 8 19:00 CET, Chad Doge minting went live on Joepegs.

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