BYOPills Metaverse Guide and News Recap

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 11, 2022

BYOPills is a metaverse project that includes many Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections on the Ethereum blockchain. They have made great progress on their roadmap, including launching various NFTs, tokens, and partnerships as they try to disrupt Web3 gaming.

Let’s start with the basics of this metaverse called BYOVERSE, and then will dig into the latest announcements. Watch out for our alpha alerts in pink below!

What is the BYOVERSE?

The BYOVERSE is a 3D virtual world that is being built by BYO Studios. It is comprised of various NFTs that interact together. Here are the following collections that are highlighted by the company:


This BYOLand NFT makes up the core virtual environment. There are 10,056 of them held by 2,800 owners (NFT data from OpenSea). The land produces resources. The amount of resources varies based on the type of BYOPill it was minted with. Furthermore, players can consume the resources to enhance gameplay or craft items, sold on the marketplace, or converted to $TRYP.

BYOLand metaverse

Landowners can tax scavengers who collect resources from their land, providing another potential source of income. Owning multiple plots of land adjacent to each other can boost the production of resources.

The floor price is 0.20 ETH with a total volume of 5.8k ETH, however, the volume has recently been minimal. The land was minted at 0.10 ETH for BYOPill holders and then a reverse dutch auction was performed from 1.00 to 0.20 ETH for the public sale.



BYOPills or Blue Yellow Orange Pills is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum. Each pill possesses several aesthetic traits and up to 17 ‘trip’ effects.

Basically, BYOPills are consumables that holders can use to provide enhancements and experiences such as power-ups, ability boosts, and visual effects to a player’s avatar in the Metaverse. Owning this digital asset can also give owners access to the mobile companion Trip Replicator App and other future drops, as well as games such as Galaxy Fight Club.

The team’s long-term goal is to integrate the NFT collection with various metaverses and games on the blockchain, providing benefits to players across different titles and ecosystems.

The floor price is 0.21 ETH with a total volume of 6.6k ETH, however, the daily volume has recently been minimal. The mint price was 0.08 ETH.


Upon launch, $TRYP token will power the ecosystem’s economy. There are two ways to receive the token: 1) All genesis Apostles (NFTs) will accumulate $TRYP when staked and paired with a BYOPill. 2) Landowners can earn the token by staking their land or selling mined resources in the marketplace. The developers will introduce more ways to earn $TRYP.

Alpha Alert – Enhance $TRYP Yield

Staking Apostle NFTs unlocks Tiered Token Generation which will generate more $TRYP based on the tier of the Apostle (i.e. a Goddess generates more than an Ancient). Note that staking an Apostle requires the owner to hold an equal amount of BYOPill. The more BYOPill you tie to the Apostle, the more multipliers you’ll get.


Apostle NFT

Apostles are full-bodied, 3D-rigged models that represent players in the Metaverse. There are 7,642 genesis Apostle NFTs. Moreover, they come in four tiers: Goddess, Ancient, Psychonaut, and Voyager.

There are perks to owning an Apostle. Besides generating $TRYP, owners will have full commercial rights to their own NFT and each one will come equipped with attachments that have in-game utility.

BYOPill and BYOKey holders were able to claim Apostles, they’re also available on OpenSea. The floor price is 0.13 ETH and to date, 3,400 ETH worth of NFTs have been traded. Lately, daily sales have amounted to 3-5 NFTs a day.


BYOKeys grant holders access to the Apostle’s armory where they can mint a “Genesis Apostle.” There are 180 owners of this key, the floor price is 0.50 ETH.


BYOVape is a biological verification tool that players “inhale” to grant them access to restricted areas, as well as power up certain items. There are 2,600 owners of the vape, and the floor price is 0.07 ETH.


BYOCrafts are upgradable vehicles with varying Acceleration, Durability, Handling, and Max Speed. Combining the look and functionality of a motorcycle and a hovercraft, these futuristic machines can level up by winning races and other competitions. There are 8,200 of them, with 2,500 owners. Floor price is 0.04 ETH. So far, only 217 ETH has been traded.

News Recap

On August 5, community leader “Flip Drago” hosted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter Spaces, with guest speakers representing BYOVerse. 

The AMA focused mainly on BYOLand selection and the various facets that land buyers need to consider when acquiring digital property on BYOVerse. This includes the pros and cons of every option since all types of locations can have their own benefits and disadvantages.

“You’re closer to the towns, you know you’re going to be closer to the action, and you’ll be able to do certain things. But you’re also going to limit the potential resource boosts that you have,” BYOVerse speaker “LouTenant” stated.

Map Explorer Finalized

On July 27, the team announced on Twitter, some updates and final touches on the Map Explorer, an integral tool for selecting BYOLand parcels, which are slated for release on August 26, 2022.

Alpha Alert – Land Selection Coming Soon

Map Explorer is slated to be released on August 26. You must choose the location of the land which impacts your economics and gameplay experience.

250 ETH Listing!

The world of NFTs never ceases to record incredible numbers. On August 3, a collector listed a Goddess tier BYOPills at 250 ETH (roughly $420k as of this writing).

This is an exciting project that we’ll keep up to date on. Check back in a couple of weeks for more alpha.