BYOPills Launches Pixel Apostle NFTs

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 06, 2022

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project BYOPills announced on October 4, 2022, the launch of its Pixel Apostles collection. Holders will be able use the retro game-inspired avatars across various pixel-based metaverses.

“The Pixel Apostles are here! Apostles will now have added utility across pixel-based metaverses by granting access to a unique, 2D, playable Apostle in pixel art,” the team announced.

Owners of BYOPills’ Apostle NFTs are eligible to receive the 8-bit iteration of their characters. 

According to the team, Pixel Apostle holders will also be able to see and use their “unique sprite sheet to their liking.” Users can access this link: Participants need to switch the last number in the URL with their Apostle ID number to view and download the NFTs.

“Creating Pixel Apostles was an important step for us in pushing for an interoperable Web3 and providing Apostle holders with non-dilutive value,” the team added

Since its inception, BYOPills has been pushing for Web3 gaming interoperability through its consumable NFTs. Part of its latest expansion is creating a two-dimensional variant of the broader BYOVerse ecosystem’s heroes. 


About BYOPills

BYOPills is an open-world NFT collectible game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is a part of the BYOVerse ecosystem, which allows players to acquire and build digital assets such as Apostles, land, buildings, equipment, and keys, among others.

On September 24, BYOPills brought over some of its characters to Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game Galaxy Fight Club (GFC). The collaboration allowed GFC participants to utilize BYOPill-exclusive characters to engage in cross-IP game’s PvP wars.

One of BYOPills most notable collaborations to date is its recent partnership with collectible creature-catching game Legends of Venari. Both titles held an event on September 17, which allowed players to capture a “Venari” creature called “Oros” with the help of some BYOPill baits.

The BYOVerse ecosystem is driven by the following assets:


Apostles are full-bodied, 3D-rigged heroes that act as avatars in the BYOVerse. These collectible character NFTs are divided into four tiers: Goddess, Ancient, Psychonaut, and Voyager. Moreover, Apostles can generate the in-game token $TRYP, the game’s utility token.

Apostle owners can now obtain “Pixel Apostles,” which is a pixel art style variant of the BYOVerse heroes. Players can use the old school video game-inspired Apostles variant for other pixel-based projects.

As of this writing, Apostles NFTs has a total volume of 3,504 $ETH ($4,772,483.04), and a floor price of 0.11 $ETH ($149.82). The most expensive Apostle has a 66.60 $ETH ($90,709.87) price tag (per OpenSea). 


Land is the core of the game’s economy. The asset is vital in gathering resources and ingredients. Moreover, land is also a safe zone for players and the resources that they have amassed.

As of this writing, BYOLand has a total volume of 5,991 $ETH ($8,159,801.91), and floor price of 0.20 $ETH ($272.40). The most expensive piece of land is worth 20 $ETH ($27,240.20), per OpenSea.



BYOPills are consumable NFTs that can provide characters with power ups, ability boosts, and visual effects. Staying true to the game’s advocacy for Web3 interoperability, BYOPills are usable across other games and metaverses.

As of this writing, BYOPills has a total volume of 6,730 $ETH ($9,254,692.20), and a floor price of 0.21 $ETH ($288.78). The most expensive BYOPill has a 420 $ETH ($577,558.80) price tag (per OpenSea).



BYOCrafts are futuristic 3D vehicles that players can use to explore the BYOVerse. The transport is customizable and upgradable, and can be used for races and battles.

As of this writing, BYOCraft has a total volume of 236 $ETH (324,533.04), and a floor price of 0.10 $ETH ($137.51). The most highest-priced BYOCraft is worth 8 $ETH ($11,001.12), per OpenSea.


A BYOKey grants holders access to the Apostles armory. When matched with an unclaimed BYOPill, the armory allows users to claim a Genesis NFT.

As of this writing, BYOKey has a total volume of 1,636 $ETH ($2,249,729.04), with a current price of 0.65 $ETH ($893.84), per OpenSea.


Since everything in the BYOVerse is “BYOEncrypted,” players are required to utilize a BYOPill with a BYOVape. Essentially, BYOVape is a verification tool that grants holders access to the BYOCraft Manufacturing Plant. In addition to that, users can also use a BYOVape to power up certain items.

As of this writing, BYOVape has a total volume of 1,209 $ETH ($1,662,544.26), with a current price of 0.0747 $ETH ($102.72), per OpenSea.


Tryptamine or $TRYP is the utility token of the BYOVerse. The tokens are used as rewards for staking an Apostle, or for future item drops. 

All Genesis Apostle NFTs will yield the same amount of $TRYP. However, holders can also stake their Apostles to unlock the “Tiered Token Generation” feature, which allows players to generate more $TRYP. Additionally, owners can tie more BYOPills to a staked Apostle to acquire a $TRYP multiplier.