Bridging Heroes on DeFi Kingdoms

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 11, 2022

Play-and-Earn blockchain game DeFi Kingdoms’ official Twitter page shared on July 7, 2022,  a previously-published guide on how to “Bridge Heroes” from one blockchain to another. 

The guide – published earlier in May on its official Medium account – is intended to help users move from the Harmony Network to the DFK Chain subnet, reinforcing the company’s shift to cross-chain availability taken earlier this year.

“Quests will soon be yours to conquer on Crystalvale. Here is an article on How to Bridge Heroes from Serenadale to be prepared!” DeFi Kingdoms posted on Twitter.

For a constantly expanding Web3 game, handling user growth can be an issue. In March of this year, however, DeFi Kingdoms solved this scaling problem by partnering with Ava Labs and launching their own DFK Chain subnet on Avalanche

Built on Harmony, Defi Kingdom’s Crystalvale Expansion exists on Avalanche and opening a Hero bridge allows easy transfer of Heroes to the new DFK Chain.

Here’s how to Bridge your Heroes from Serendale (Harmony) to Crystalvale (DFK Chain):

  1. Go to the Serendale Docks and visit Dockmaster Maria. 
  1. Select “Bridge Heroes/Tears“ (this can also be selected through the Menu Bar).
  1. From your Hero Catalog, choose a Hero that you want to bridge to Crystalvale.
  1. Click “Approve Bridge” and sign the transaction.
  1. Click “Bridge to Crystalvale” and sign the transaction.
  1. After bridging Hero, return to Docks and click on “Travel to Crystalvale” to switch to the DFK network.
  1. The Heroes, which can be sold, hired or summoned, are found on the player’s profile under “My Heroes.”
  1. To go back to Serendale, simply repeat the process in reverse. This time, players need to visit Veigar Wavestrider at the Crystalvale Docks.

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