BMW Supplierthon, Yuga Labs Sewer Pass, Neopets Metaverse

Jethro Sandico

Jan. 19, 2023

Today’s Web3 digest will focus on projects from various industries including art, music, gaming, finance, and many more.

Names that made waves today in Web3 include BMW, Helix Records, Igloofest, Intella X, L’Dezen, Linux, and Yuga Labs. They are joined by Authic Labs, Blockchain Space, Metahood, the National Australia Bank, Random Games, Rarible, to name a few.

Lastly, Web3 games continue to bring life into the space with several updates. Titles that made some noise as of late include Guild of Guardians, Neopets Metaverse, Unioverse, and Splinterlands, among others.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • German luxury vehicle manufacturer BMW has launched its “Supplierthon” project, which focuses on the “Metaverse and other Virtual Experiences.” With this initiative, the car brand is inviting “researchers, startups and pioneering tech leaders” from the community, to share their “innovative and visionary ideas.” BMW will utilize this to expand its understanding of the metaverse and harness it to provide better customer experiences (BMW).

  • Yuga Labs recently launched its “Sewer Pass” NFT collection on the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) ecosystem. The project amassed 4,000 $ETH (over $6 million) in total sales, hours after its release. Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) holders were able to obtain the Sewer Pass for free, and use them to access the game “Dookey Dash” (CD).

  • Web3 gaming platform Intella X has raised $12 million in funding. The project is developed by Neowiz, a South Korean online game publisher that has collaborated with video game company Electronic Arts (EA). Apparently, Intella X is planning to launch the platform on its partner Polygon’s ecosystem. Other companies that joined the fundraise include Animoca Brands, Magic Eden, and WEMIX, to name a few (VB).

  • Veteran dance music executive Patrick Moxey’s new label Helix Records is planning to onboard its entire artist roster to Web3. To kick things off, the record company launched the “Helix Records Genesis Pass.” The NFT grants holders entry to the Helix ecosystem. Pass owners can enjoy perks such as free music NFTs, VIP tickets, backstage and many more (BB).

Web3 Games

  • Modernized Neopets remake Neopets Metaverse has secured $4 million in its latest investment round. Investors that joined the fundraise include Web3 entities Blizzard Avalanche Ecosystem Fund and Polygon Ventures, among others. Since its release in 1999, Neopets has reached over 150 million players worldwide. The classic browser game’s blockchain iteration employs NFT technology and play-to-earn (P2E) elements (PRN).

  • Web3 tech platform Nefta has formed a partnership with blockchain gaming studio Gami. Both companies plan to create accessible games that focus on offering fun experiences instead of earning opportunities. For the team-up, Gami will utilize Nefta’s backend architecture to remove hassles that are prevalent in Web3 gaming (MBD).

  • Fantasy role-playing game (RPG) Guild of Guardians (GoG) has announced the next step in their partnership with the top Esports organizations. All-in-all, the participating groups are Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NRG, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid. The teams will each introduce two unique in-game NFT Guardians to represent their squads in GoG (PRN).

  •, a company that invests in Web3 assets and builds blockchain-based businesses, announced that its subsidiary Hulk Labs has partnered with collectible card game Splinterlands. In addition, Hulk Labs has also acquired a validator node license for the Hive-powered project. “As Web3 gaming and P2E continue to grow, Hulk Labs is positioned to be an industry leader in analytics and wallet management software,” CEO Andrew Kiguel stated (BW).

  • Random Games, the game company behind Web3 video game franchise Unioverse, has unveiled its first Hero NFT collection Reyu Genesis. Reyu is a Ja’Din warrior from the game’s lore. Random Games plans to release 20,000 Reyu Genesis Hero NFTs for free on the Ethereum blockchain. Each piece will grant holders with benefits, such as access to future Unioverse projects (VB).

NFT News

  • Montreal-based annual electronic music festival Igloofest is celebrating its 15th anniversary with an NFT “Yeti Hunt.” In total, there are 21 Yetis that participants can collect to win more prizes. Some of the rewards for lucky Yeti holders include free passes to: Igloofest Quebec, Piknic Électronik 2023, and Après-Ski club nights (BL).

  • Rarible, an aggregated NFT marketplace that offers rewards, has expanded its marketplace-building tool for collections on the Polygon ecosystem. The feature was first introduced in August 2022 and was available only for Ethereum-based NFT collections. Following the announcement, creators minting on the Layer-2 (L2) protocol can now create a storefront for their projects, or list them on secondary marketplaces (CD).

  • Amsterdam-based NFT marketplace Authic Labs has secured an undisclosed amount of capital from a pre-seed funding round. Investors Rockstart and Graduate Entrepreneur led the fundraise. The company plans to utilize the funds to improve its products, grow its operations, and bolster its marketing campaign. In addition, Authentic Labs will also offer Authic Suites, a platform that enables various brands to create and sell digital collectibles (SC).

  • At the Meta Z Lounge in Seoul, Korea, jewelry brand L’Dezen launched a limited edition NFT project based on their “Blooming of Ages” ring. The company’s founder Payal Shah unveiled both physical and digital versions of the award-winning piece. Shah gained prominence in the scene for its impressive celebrity clientele. Some of the popular figures who wore L’Dezen include Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama,  Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Sofia Vergara (KH).

Into the Metaverse

  • Open metaverse portal Metahood has launched the beta version of its platform, while raising $3 million in a fundraising round. Crypto venture capital firm 1confirmation led the fundraise and was joined by Volt Capital, Flamingo DAO, and Neon DAO. Individuals invested in the project include The Sandbox co-founder, Sebastien Borget and Sorare growth lead Brian O’Hagan, among others (BNB). 

  • At the 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos, virtual world trading game Upland unveiled plans for a “metaverse super-app.” According to Upland co-CEO Dirk Lueth said that the project will see the virtual world growing beyond entertainment.” Basically, the team plans to offer a platform where users can organize their assets and businesses, as well as partner with brands and connect with fans (BZ).

  • Metaverse development company Virtualtech Frontier (VTF) has raised an undisclosed amount in its recent seed funding round. Venture capital firms that led the fundraise are Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF) and 500 Global. The company plans to utilize the capital to expand the team, launch marketing initiatives, and continue building its virtual world platform (PRN).

  • Linux Foundation, a tech consortium pushing for Linux operating system standardization, has formed the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF). Basically, the initiative aims to provide a collaborative space for various industries, which will allow them to work on open-source software and standards for a scalable metaverse (PRN).

Around the Blockchain

  • Web3 projects and gaming guild infrastructure provider BlockchainSpace (BSPC) has acquired Esports media house Metasports. “BlockchainSpace is looking to scale faster this year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bull market or bear market—innovation doesn’t stop,” BSPC founder and CEO Peter Ing stated. Currently, the company is bolstering their resources to support their initiatives “with a more consolidated approach” through their flagship product Guild Hub (MB).

  • Latin American Web3 infrastructure provider Parfin has raised $15 million in a seed investment round led by Framework Ventures. Parfin co-founder and CEO Marcos Viriato said that the company plans on utilizing the funds to “both solidify our lead and accelerate our global expansion during this crucial building period” (CD).

  • According to a report by the Australian Financial Review, the National Australia Bank (NAB) has developed its own stablecoin AUDN. The major financial institution aims to release the stablecoin on blockchains Ethereum and Algorand. NAB chief innovation officer Howard Silby said the bank sees Web3’s potential “to deliver instantaneous, transparent, inclusive financial outcomes” (WG).

Blockchain Space Web3 metaverse

Web3 Content Creators

  • Brycent: In a recent tweet, Web3 game Twitch streamer Brycent highlighted how blockchain gaming projects are failing to capitalize on the model that fueled video game distribution service Steam’s growth. Moreover, Brycent also shared three areas that Web3 games need to improve on: Product, Exposure, and Trustworthiness.

  • Rich Cabrera: Rich Cabrera aka Ready Player Rich was invited as a guest on space MMO game Star Atlas’ Twitter Spaces series “The Future of Web3 Gaming.” Airing live on the 20th of January, the episode also features Loid, Project Eluune, Susan Cummings, and Yaku.

  • Spike: Web3 content creator Spike has partnered with user-generated game platform Unioverse, a project by AAA studio Random Games. As part of the team-up, Spike’s 72-hour campaign will give away 25 Reyu NFTs to lucky participants.

  • Yellow Panther: Yellow Panther recently held episode two of “All Things Gaming” along with co-host and Big Time ambassador ‘buffessor.’ For this edition, the Twitter Spaces show also featured Star Symphony founder 0xShark and Salad Ventures founder Felix as special guests.