Block Farm Club News Updates and BVerse Beta

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 10, 2022

Block Farm Club (BFC) is back on track and creating art, elements, and other features in the month of August 2022. 

On August 6th, the team announced the roll-out of new Central City, Mine, and Royal Harbor designs. While the ride was not as smooth as expected for the creators of BFC last month – after experiencing problems with one of their previous artists – the crew is back updating old drawings, and producing more original art. 

In late July, BFC launched the BVerse 3.1.0 Beta which allows players to test the game and report bugs and issues on groups in Telegram. The Beta release, which selected 100 participants through a draw, also marked the start of BVerse’s first story arc and Role-Playing Game (RPG).

What is Block Farm Club?

Block Farm Club is a decentralized blockchain game built on Binance Smart Chain, that draws inspiration from farm-themed multiplayer games. 

Leveraging NFTs, the Web3 game allows players to own virtual assets in the form of Land, Plants, Trees, and Fruits, as well as resources such as Wood, Stone, and Water. According to BFC’s whitepaper, the team also plans to introduce Barns and Animals, along with Battle and Breeding modes.

Block Farm Club Tokens

  • Prisma Token ($PRSM) – Launched on June 20, 2022, $PRSM has a total supply of 600 million. 10% of the accumulated $PRSM in monthly game rewards will be burned to put deflationary pressure.
  • Block Farm New ($BFN) – With a total supply of 22,656,200, $BFN is the primary block farm club cryptocurrency for players to enter BFC. The token can be purchased through PooCoin or PancakeSwap. As of this writing, $BFN is trading at $0.0000395213, with a market cap of $895 (per PooCoin).


Even though BFC is still under development, players can now travel around the central city map. Additionally, a premium system with special benefits has already been put in place. 

Future game updates include:

  • Harvesting, Mining, and Fighting features
  • Changing NFTs to New Gems
  • Batch Minting of more than 30 NFT types
  • NFT evolution
  • NFT trading on the marketplace
  • Create Exploration Team
  • Collect Fruits and Plants parts
  • Guild creation