Block Ape Scissors Creates an NFT Launchpad and Secures First Launch: Lynx Club

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 08, 2022

Block Ape Scissors (BAS) announced their plans to create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) launchpad. They are targeting a broad range of NFTs, including ones with and without utility. Lynx Club is the first NFT project that will launch through the application.

There are presales offered to BAS token and Gamester NFT holders. A tiered structure gives BAS token holders early access rights to mint. Moreover, holders will enjoy additional rights including discounts on mint prices. You can learn more about staking your assets here.

A Twitter Spaces Ask me Anything (AMA) session on August 8 aims to answer community questions regarding the recent partnership. The AMA will be graced by BAS co-founders Dan Fong and Matthew Hutchins, as well as Lynx Club co-founders Liza Loveland and Kosta Hantzis.

Lynx Club NFT

Lynx Club describes itself as a “Creative Collaborative” that aims to empower artists, creators, musicians and entrepreneurs on the blockchain, by bridging the gap between the physical and virtual world. 

Aside from its own 5,555 NFT line that grants members access to a digital playground called “The Taiga,” Lynx Club’s goal also includes utilizing real-life events such as workshops and other community-focused initiatives to support creative talents.

Led by Wall Street Journal’s Top 1% Revenue Producing Agents Liza Loveland, and entrepreneur/podcast host Kosta Hantzis, Lynx Club’s growing community base can help attract creatives into the space and nurture their abilities.

About Block Ape Scissors

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, Block Ape Scissors incorporates gaming, NFTs, and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) in one ecosystem. Leveraging blockchain technology, users can own “augmentable” avatars, items, and power ups, while enjoying PvP games in an evolving Metaverse world.

On August 9, 2021, BAS was selected by tech giant IBM as Business Partner and ESA Solution Partner, to provide solutions for the blockchain gaming community. The partnership is also utilizing Block Ape Scissors as a gateway for upcoming projects on the IBM Enterprise, while providing assistance on matters concerning business, development, and strategy.

Block Ape Scissors Token and Price

The BAS token trades at $0.1591 and has a market cap of $7.9 million, as of August 8. The daily volume is thin at $3.9 thousand. Additionally, the token has a maximum supply of 100 million tokens.

You can buy the tokens on PancakeSwap, the #1 DEX on Binance Smart Chain.

About Gamester NFTs

Gamester Apes NFTs are apes that are used in the BAS ecosystem. Users can purchase them from the in-house marketplace (beta) or from PancakeSwap’s marketplace. Moreover, the floor price of the NFT is 3 BNB or $971.46 USD.