Bend Dao: Run on the Bank and BAYC Liquidations

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 22, 2022

The possibility of a massive liquidation “death spiral” is threatening the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market after popular digital art collection Bored Apes Yacht Club (BAYC) experienced a sharp price drop of over 50% from the asset’s all-time high.

Fears of a cascading liquidation event started to spread after NFT Collector and Web3 build studio Wumbo Labs owner “Cirrus,” made some pronouncements. He stated that “32,267 $ETH ($51,206,760.99) worth of NFTs” are serving as “collateral for loans on BendDAO.” 

Matters got further exacerbated shortly after news about a certain “Franklin” borrowing 10,245.37 $ETH ($16,109,922.24) from BendDAO, spread through the community. According to sources, Franklin is one of the biggest collectors in the space, with 60 BAYC NFTs in his portfolio.

People worry that whales who are holding too many apes can weaken the floor price to repay their $ETH debt. This could eventually cause a much-feared liquidation. Such an event will see holders sell off deposited NFTs at a much cheaper floor price.

What is Bend DAO?

BendDao logo

BendDAO prides itself as the first peer-to-peer NFT liquidity protocol. Also dubbed by its creators as an “NFTFi” project, BendDAO only deals with high-value, blue-chip NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats, CryptoPunks, and Azuki. 

The lending protocol allows $ETH depositors to provide liquidity and earn a yield of 8.15% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) in $ETH, as well as the token $BEND. NFT holders can also borrow $ETH should they choose to lock up their assets.

Locking up NFTs in BendDAO allowed owners to borrow up to 40% of the collection’s floor price. As the floor prices draw closer to the loan’s original value, the borrower had 48 hours to repay the loan. After that, the assets will liquidate and put up for auction.

Health Factor

BAYC NFTs that were used as collateral on NFT lending platform BendDAO are approaching the lowest “Health Factor” levels. Health Factor (HF) represents the safety of deposited NFTs against borrowed Ether ($ETH), with level 1 triggering the liquidation. 

The higher the value of the HF, the more secure the funds will be during a crash.

Run on the Bank

As of August 22, BendDAO has run out of $ETH and people who lent their money to buy NFTs on leverage, can’t take their cash off the protocol. 15,000 $ETH were lent out and there is only 12.5 wrapped ETH ($wETH) left in the contract (per NFTStatistics.eth).

This would also mean that borrowers need to pay 100% interest on their borrowed $ETH, as the debt against the NFTs is rising fast. Meanwhile, the NFTs are being listed in BendDAO auctions, but are not hitting exchanges, due to the fact there is no one bidding on them. 

About Bored Apes Yacht Club

Bored Apes Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 “Bored Apes” existing on the Ethereum blockchain. As of this writing, BAYC has the highest floor price of any NFT project in the market at 69.7 $ETH, with a total volume of 653.1K $ETH (per OpenSea). 

The most expensive Bored Ape ever sold, set a $,308,000 record. The current most expensive NFT listed on the market today is a blindfolded ape wearing caveman pelt. The Ape has a 99,999,999,999,999 ($159,689,999,999,998,400) price tag.

Due to the high demand for BAYC NFTs, some view this impending liquidation as a discounted buying opportunity. However, the process will be accompanied by a lot of pain, particularly for holders who bought at an all-time high.

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