AVAX Gaming Subnets

Ephraim Austin

Mar. 02, 2023

This week we’re continuing our coverage of the Avalanche gaming ecosystem, specifically gaming subnets. For those not familiar, subnets are like customized blockchains that have the speed and the security of the Avalanche network. You can read more about subnets here

Subnets are especially suited for gaming as developers can customize almost every aspect of the chain, allowing high throughput with low transaction fees. We’re shining the spotlit on seven gaming-related subnets as well as three infrastructure providers that help games build subnets.  

Gaming Subnets

Subnet: Swimmer Network

Game: Crabada


Swimmer Network is a dedicated blockchain for gaming that leverages the existing infrastructure and security of the Avalanche Network. The subnet was created by the developers of Crabada, an auto-battler game that follows fighting crabs under the sea. 

The subnet allowed developers to use the Crabada utility token, Treasure Under Sea (TUS) as the gas token. The number of transactions for Swimmer Network over the last three months reached almost 50k transactions per day, compared to Avalanche C-Chain which averaged 150K transactions per day 

Swimmer Network aims to be a platform for games. After Crabada migrated to Swimmer Network, this Subnet hosted a new game aiming to convert NFT to playable cards. All the Crabada holders could convert their NFT to playable Clashub cards. The game went live on July 20 2022 and it is still active. 

Subnet: DOS chain 

Game: MetaDOS


DOS Labs is a gaming studio with over 400k daily active players. The studio aims to provide a comprehensive solution for onboarding gamers from Web2 to Web3 and is recognized for developing high-quality games. One such game is MetaDOS, which aspires to be the future of esports by combining a unique free-to-play battle royale game with blockchain technology to suit both traditional and crypto gamers. 

DOS Chain is an Avalanche Subnet developed by OverSky, DOS Labs, and Imba Games, in cooperation with Ava Labs, the core developer of Avalanche. With their new creation, they are looking to shake up the gaming ecosystem. Although the game is not yet live, MetaDOS launch is expected to be live in Q1 2023. 

At first, the game will be available just for PC but the team is expecting to expand to mobile phones in Q2 2023. Game modes include Solo, Duo, Squad, and other modes such as Red Light, Green Light, and Zombie Mode.

Subnet: Loco Legends Subnet

Game: Various

Loco Legends is India’s first NFT platform for gaming and esports. The subnet will allow users to own and trade gaming collectible assets, helping them turbocharge their fandom and experience the thrill of stepping into the shoes of esports scouts and leaders. 

Players on the ‘Legends’ platform will be able to purchase NFT trading cards and trade them with other players. The NFTs on the platform will be limited in number and unique to the owners who acquire them. The platform is currently in beta and will be made available to all fans in July. 

LOCO Legends also features a play-to-earn model, where players can earn in-game rewards and tokens by participating in battles and completing various quests and challenges. These rewards can be traded on exchanges or used to acquire more NFTs. 

The game’s developers have also announced plans to introduce features such as guilds, tournaments, and a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. 

Subnet: DFK Subnet

Game: DeFi Kingdoms

DFK Subnet


The DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain, or DFK Chain, was the first gaming subnet to launch. DFK Chain uses JEWEL for gas. This adds additional utility to the JEWEL token and simplifies life for players so that they don’t have to hold a second token just to use for gas fees. 

The subnet averaged 1.5 Million transactions per day over the past month. As we mentioned before the Avalanche C-Chain averages 150K transactions per day over the last three months.

In DeFi Kingdoms, players can acquire and trade various digital assets, including NFTs representing characters, buildings, and items, and use them to build their kingdom and engage in battles with other players. The game features a play-to-earn model, where players can earn in-game tokens and rewards by participating in battles or staking their assets. The in-game tokens, known as JEWELs, can be used to purchase more assets, or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on various exchanges.

DeFi Kingdoms also features a governance system where players can vote on proposals and decisions related to the game’s development and direction. The subnet went live in Q1 2022.

Subnet: PULSAR/SparqNet



Pulsar is partnering with SpaqNet to help build its Subnet. SparqNet is a technology company focused on developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions for the telecommunications industry. 

The company’s primary focus is on providing high-speed, low-latency connectivity to businesses and individuals, particularly in areas where traditional internet service providers may not be able to offer reliable or affordable service. 

Pulsar is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), Real-Time Strategy (RST) game that is currently in test mode. Pulsar combines the gameplay components of titles such as Starcraft, but implements RTS and multiplayer mechanics where you build, mine, and conquer aliens of planet Pulsar and the surrounding empires. 


Game: GUNZILLA          

Gunzilla Games is a video game development studio based in Kiev, Ukraine. The studio was founded in 2019 by industry veterans who previously worked on games like The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and Bulletstorm.

Gunzilla Games is a player-focused developer of AAA games. It also develops a platform that breaks down technological boundaries in pursuit of deeply engaging gaming experiences. 

There is very little public information about this subnet.



One of the most highly anticipated games coming to Avalanche is Shrapnel, a AAA FPS game currently building on an Avalanche Subnet.

With the use of Subnet technology, players can easily move crypto assets in and out of SHRAPNEL’s platform with atomic swaps, an innovative and secure cross-chain transfer technology.

Regarding the gameplay, Shrapnel is a blockchain-enabled AAA first-person shooter game, it is bundled with a rich set of tools combining combat, creation and curation with connections to a community where players own the platform and decide its future. 

SHRAP is the token of the game, and with a blockchain-powered game economy, gamers can have a real opportunity to be rewarded for playing. The team announced that the game will be live when they reach the 4th phase, but they have not confirmed a date. However, they believe it will be before Q3 2023.

Subnet: MON Subnet

Game Defimons

Defimons is an active gameplay based MMO. With multiple integrations with projects spanning over multiple chains. The core team behind Defimons announced the formation of MonStudios and their MON Subnet in May of 2022. As games move toward more complex game economies built around multiple variables rather than a single variable of a token, subnets offered the dev team a customizable chain to tackle those complexities.

Subnet Infrastructure Providers



SparqNet is a meta-network that provides tools and services for a network of deployable blockchains capable of up to 400k TPS each, programmable in any language with infrastructure enabled by Avalanche, and open to any protocol through an on-chain trustless and distributed bridge.

As mentioned, SparqNet is working with Pulsar on their subnet and other gaming projects. The team announced that their Testnet will be available soon.



Stardust is a blockchain platform that aims to provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience for developers and users building decentralized applications (dApps). 

The platform achieves this by leveraging various technologies such as state channels, plasma, and rollups to increase transaction throughput, reduce transaction costs, and improve user experience. 

Stardust also provides an easy-to-use interface for developers to create and deploy smart contracts, without needing to have deep knowledge of blockchain technology. 

Additionally, Stardust and Avalanche have created an accelerator program aimed at making it easy for Web2 game developers and Web3-native studios to integrate NFTs into their games using Stardust’s low-code solution. 


MetaFab x Avalanche


MetaFab is a free end-to-end, self-serve solution for games and gamified apps to integrate powerful blockchain infrastructure in minutes. Anything that would require a blockchain transaction or interaction is handled under the hood by MetaFab. 

All MetaFab systems automatically handle the deployment of necessary smart contracts to your blockchain(s) of choice from pre-written templates. You own and have full control over these deployed contracts. 

MetaFab has fully deployed on Avalanche and is already helping games improve their gaming experience. 

Final Thoughts

This has been a brief look at gaming subnets and other infrastructure providers building on Avalanche. The future of gaming subnets looks action-packed as only two of the seven subnets have games that are live. We’ll be here to cover all the action in the coming months.