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Ava Labs Launches Core Wallet

Posted June 27, 2022 8:32 pm
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By Jethro Sandico

Ava Labs launched Core, on June 22, 2022, an all-in-one operating system designed to seamlessly integrate dApps, bridges, subnets and NFTs in a single browser.

Core is a convenient way for users to enjoy Web3’s potential on the Avalanche blockchain. The non-custodial browser extension is the solution to the complicated experience of moving across various applications. With the release of Core, users can explore the world of blockchain through a user friendly portal.

To compliment that, Core’s main strengths are simplicity, security, and convenience. Consequently, Ava Labs succeeded in making their new browser extension feel more natural and less clunky in comparison to previous operating systems.

Ava Labs Core’s Improvements

  • Automated token-adding
  • Portfolios minimized clicking to complete actions
  • Finally, intuitive displays for both beginners and advanced users

Core’s Primary Features

  • Bridge: Using the technology powering Avalanche Bridge, you can securely use this feature to deploy your native Bitcoin ($BTC). Also, Ethereum tokens (ERC-20) are expected to become compatible with Core in the near future.
  • Buy: MoonPay allows you to effortlessly fund your Core account with cash.
  • Swap: Avalanche tokens ($AVAX) can be swapped directly from Core with the help of ParaSwap.
  • Ledger-enabled: Core is compatible with the leading hardware wallets in the industry.
  • Portfolio: You can view all of your assets through a single display without switching networks or adding token addresses. You can do it by using the browser’s portfolio feature.
  • Collectibles Gallery: Present your NFT collection in an organized manner using the gallery feature.
  • Subnets: Core provides native support for Avalanche subnets DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) and Swimmer Network, with dynamic support on the horizon.
  • Address Book: With the address book, you can easily create a contact list for trusted addresses.
  • Account Switcher: Core permits users to utilize the same recovery phrase for creating and managing multiple addresses.

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