Ascenders Whitepaper Released

Jethro Sandico

Jul. 04, 2022

Earlier in June, the Ascenders dev team took to Twitter to announce the arrival of its upcoming whitepaper, following a teaser campaign that saw the studio drop hints regarding the different aspects of the game.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we got ‘m. Our White Paper was successfully transmitted to our office and here to read, share (and love?),” the team’s tweet reads. 

Ascenders is a sci-fantasy game on the Avalanche blockchain, created by game development studio Legendary Foundry Games. At this stage of the game’s production, Ascenders is already gaining a lot of traction and hype within the blockchain community.

The whitepaper’s release will provide clarity to interested players who wish to join the game once released. Here’s what we know from it so far:

Ascenders: About the Game

  • Ascenders is a “AAA Multiplayer Open-World Action RPG.”
  • The game is set on the exotic alien planet of Ascension where you will crash and try to survive.

Game Zones

  • Seedship: Seedship is the center of your city where you will conduct operations such as crafting and trading.
  • Overworld: Outside the safe confines of Seedship is the Overworld, a place that awaits exploration. This dynamic world is also where you will battle enemies.
  • Remnants: The Remnants are dungeons with challenges that players can try to beat and reap some rewards. 
  • Outposts: The Outposts are full of alien enemies which requires a team to defeat them and conquer their domain.

Player Lanes

  • Explorers: With Explorers, you can play the story and complete some quests, or explore the planet for resources.
  • Builders: Builders are focused on putting up buildings and “tech trees.” Their long-term presence on Ascension can change the planet’s economy.
  • Fighters: Fighters can beat big bosses presented in the game, as well as challenge the Remnants. It is important to note that fighters are essential to your team’s survival.

Game Economy

  • Fully decentralized economy. Players can buy and trade via global marketplaces.
  • Ascenders’ economy is “rebuilt from the ground up.”
  • Players create the items in the game.
  • Players can own land and manage buildings.

Ascenders Tokenomics

The Ascenders ecosystem utilizes two tokens. Here are their roles in the games’ tokenomics:

Ascenders Governance Council ($AGC):

  • Governance token that powers the ecosystem.
  • Stake for token rewards and exclusive drops.
  • Used for founding or upgrading guilds.
  • Used for accessing VIP tournaments and events.

Glow Gems ($GG):

  • In-game currency that serves as the ecosystem’s fuel.
  • Required for on-chain transactions such as buying NFTs and paying for services such as crafting and refining.
  • Players can earn $GG from the main storyline, as well as quests, tournaments and events.

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