Arc8 Season 4, Prize Pool and New Games

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 03, 2022

On August 1, 2022, play-to-earn mobile game app Arc8 by GAMEE announced the launch of Season 4. Along with the introduction of new games and ‘Token Takeovers,’ the Arc8 team is also giving away over 2.5M $GAMEE tokens to the winners.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the upcoming season:

Pre-Season (August 1st -7th)

Running from August 1-7, the pre-season is intended to give players time to master new games through 1v1 matches and tournaments, where they can complete qualification matches and also earn $GAMEE using their credits.

During this time, the Arc8 team advised players to watch out for weekly airdrops for a chance to enter the lucky draw and win more prizes.

Arc8 Main Season (August 8th – October 2nd)

The Main Season, which runs from August 8 until October 2, will feature token tournaments and token 1v1 games.


Here is a breakdown of the 2.5M $GAMEE prize pool:

  • 900,000 $GMEE – Season-long activity rewards
  • 600,000 $GMEE – Tournament prize pools
  • 325,000 $GMEE – Season Leaderboard top rankers
  • 320,000 $GMEE – Weekly airdrops
  • 250,000 $GMEE – G-Bot tournaments
  • 105,000 $GMEE – Vouchers from different platforms

Token Takeovers

“Token Takeovers” are events where partner games and ecosystems distribute their tokens as rewards to Arc8 players as a marketing or growth initiative. In the past seasons, Arc8 players have earned reward tokens such as $MATIC and $SAND in addition to $GMEE. Season 4 introduces new “token takeovers” The Crypto Prophecies ($TCP) (allocated for August 11-15) and $QUIDD, with more to be announced in the near future.

$QUIDD (August 17 – 22)

Arc8 players can compete to win one of a hundred Atari G-Bot Starter Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), as well as take part in tournaments with prize pools totaling 600,000 QUIDD ($30,000 USD). Here’s an article that discusses how to participate: 600,000 QUIDD.

New Games on Arc8

Qube 2048

Qube 2048 is the latest addition in the platform’s game catalog. The game features numbered cubes that players need to blast and merge into higher numbers to score points.

Dark Lords (end of August) and Energy Wars (early September)

For a limited period, users can try out for free the space-themed battle game Dark Lords and robot puzzle game Energy Wars. Both titles will become free-to-play in August and September respectively and will reward winners with limited edition G-Bot Starter NFTs.

Atari G-Bot Competitions

Alongside Dark Lords and Energy Wars, digital collectibles marketplace QUIDD’s Token Takeover will also give away G-Bot Starters as prizes, along with hundreds of thousands of $QUIDD token rewards.

About Arc8

Built on the Polygon Network and powered by the GAMEE ecosystem, Arc8 is a virtual arcade for mobile blockchain games, where players can earn rewards in a community-owned environment.