Analyzing the Top 3 NFT Games on BNB Chain

Michail Palierakis

Sep. 30, 2022

NFT Gaming has come a long way in the past two years. A big part of that growth has come on the back of the BNB Chain, which is one of the crypto industry’s earliest NFT Gaming ecosystems.

BNB Chain’s success in Web3 Gaming comes from its dynamic community, comprehensive development toolkits and low transaction fees. For example, Binance NFT is a platform where users can buy NFTs and learn about upcoming games.

One notable tool the chain is offering is the Binance IGO (Initial Game Offering), used as a Gaming Assets Launchpad. This is where most games on BNB Chain will launch which also gives participants the chance to play the game first.

That being said, there are currently three games on BNB Chain leading the ranks by user base according to DappRadar:

  • Tiny World
  • Era7


NFT Game: Mobox

MOBOX is a cross-platform, GameFi metaverse that combines DeFi yield farming with gaming NFTs. You can buy the NFTs, known as MOMOs, through the Binance NFT secondary marketplace, or the MOBOX Market. In the past month, 40,000 users played MOBOX, based on DappRadar.

With your MOMO NFTs, you can battle and generate crypto rewards, trade them, stake them to farm $MBOX tokens, or use them as collateral in the MOBOX metaverse.

MOBOX offers straightforward gaming mechanics that combines free-to-play and play-to-earn aspects. The game prioritizes NFT interoperability, allowing players to use MOBOX assets in multiple games simultaneously.

NFT Characteristics

Each MOMO has a different rarity:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Unique
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Only MOMOs with rarity Rare or higher can be upgraded using MEC, an in-game item used to enhance the hash rate of MOMOs.

The following games are available to play on the MOBOX Platform:

Token Master: A turn-based idle game where your three MOMO NFTs battle against other players. Each week, based on the leaderboard, $MEC, and $MBOX rewards are distributed.

NFT Farmer: In NFT Farmer, users stake $MBOX/$BNB LPs to farm $MBOX. These tokens can then be staked as VeMBOX, the voting token for essential decisions on the MOBOX platform in the future, which also unlocks a wide range of raffle draws that earn Mystery Boxes that contain Momo NFTs.

Block Brawler: An RPG where you advance through dungeons and bosses or battle against each other. Each season lasts two weeks and $MBOX rewards are distributed to the highest ranking players.

MOland: A place in the MOMOverse where you can build, create, explore the land, meet new friends, and enjoy games, quests, and battles.

ChainZArena: A cross-blockchain and cross-platform RPG where you complete battle quests or participate in the arena against each other.

MOLand Defense: A real-time strategy tower defense game where you’ll resist invading waves of monsters.

Price History and ROI Range

The $MBOX token is up 15% over the past 3 months.

The price of a cheap MOMO in the market currently is $6, with a hash power of 3. The current price of $MBOX is $0.66.

  • The Hash Point Cost (the price of 1 hash point of the MOMO) is $2 per hash point.
  • The Hash Point Value is calculated by daily distribution / total hash power: Currently 100,000 / 39,649,280 = 0.0025 $MBOX per hash point

MOMO’s Rewards = Hash Point Cost × Hash Point Value × current $MBOX price

E.g. $2 x 0.0025 x $0.66 = $0.0033

MOMO’s daily ROI: Momo’s dividend / cost = $0.0033 / $6 = 0.00055 or 0.0055% which accounts for a full ROI of 1 / 0.00055 = 1,818 days or a 20% annual return, taking into account just the mining rewards (excluding other $MBOX rewards from games and lotteries).

For more info check out the game’s Website, Discord and Twitter.

Tiny World

NFT Game: Tiny World

Tiny World is a community-led Web3 gaming platform that provides a variety of in-game reward possibilities through gameplay and asset staking. In Tiny World you can use the following features:

  • Yield farming with assets in Tiny Farm
  • Collecting Tiny NFTs and selling them on the marketplace
  • Tiny NFT yield farming‌
  • Staking tokens to get benefits via playing and voting
  • Playing Tiny games to win leaderboard prizes

There are various games you can play in the Tiny World platform including:

Tiny Farm: Includes a series of DeFi elements like a Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Mining, staking, NFT Farming, mystery-box, NFT market, etc. This is where you’ll combine NFT heroes with DeFi to produce an immersive Web3 gaming experience.

Tiny Dungeons: A simulation tower defense game. You’ll build dungeons to defend attacks while also attacking other player’s dungeons.

Tiny Kingdom: An idle auto-battler game where you battle and trade for profit, earning crypto based on your rank on the leaderboard. The devs have hinted PvP will be ready in Q4 2022.

You can purchase Runes on the Tiny Farm platform and use them to summon Tiny Hero NFTs. Tiny Heroes can be transferred to Tiny Kingdom to play games or used to participate in Tiny Farm. The current cost of a Rune is 100 $TINC.

Each Hero NFT has a class of N, R, SR, SSR, SSSR, and UR (from common to rare). These classes impact the power level and the amount of income per hero. You can upgrade Heroes by consuming lower-level heroes.

In the last month, the game had 58,000 users, based on DappRadar.

Price History and ROI Range

In the last three months, the price of $TINC is down 78%. 

Based on the current price of $TINC, a Summon Rune will cost approximately $7. There is a 64% probability that the Rune will summon a Hero of Common Rarity with 1 power.

The total $TINC emission is currently 52,920 $TINC per day. With a total power of 4,495,648 each power point earns 0.0117 $TINC or $0.000824 per day. This accounts for an ROI of 8,485 days or an annual return of 4.3%, only through NFT Farming. As expected, a Hero of higher power will earn more $TINC which could affect the ROI.

For more info check out the game’s Website Discord and Twitter.

Era7: Game of Truth

Era7: Game of Truth is a metaverse-style Trading Card Game. 58,000 users have played the game in the last 30 days, based on DappRadar. Gameplay includes mixing your cards in your card library in various ways to build the strongest possible deck. Cards can be either Master Cards (Heroes), or Battle Cards (Creatures and Spells). PVE and PVP game modes are both available. Each card has different effects and statistics (mana cost, attack, health). You will need to keep an eye on both your deck as well as your opponents’ movements and positioning throughout the battle, which follows a turn-based format. Once you have practiced battling in the game and collected enough strong cards, your goal is to climb higher on the leaderboard, where prizes and rewards await.

You can obtain higher-value cards by collecting, competing, trading, summoning or synthesizing specific cards.

The game is inspired by Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, however, you’ll deploy creatures in a manner similar to chess, with three rows and three columns available. Era7 battles each last about three minutes.

To acquire NFT Master Cards, players must either purchase mystery boxes or trade with other players in the Marketplace. NFT Master Cards do not fight in battles; instead, they Summon NFT Battle Cards, which make up the deck (Creatures and Spells), to fight on the front lines. After successfully purchasing NFT Master Cards, players must Unseal them before Summoning NFT Battle Cards. If you reach the Summoning capacity of the NFT Master Cards, you must consume $ERA and GOT tokens as fuel to continue Summoning.

To acquire NFT Battle Cards you can either purchase them in the Marketplace or summon them with NFT Master Cards. You can also buy mystery boxes during the official sales as you’re more likely to get the NFT Master Card at a discount; then you can summon NFT Battle Cards and begin optimizing your deck. You can trade Battle Cards, mine with them or you can try your hand at PVP and PVE combat mode.

Price History and ROI Range

$ERA7 is the in-game reward token you can buy it on DEX platforms, or earn it through in-game prizes or airdrops, liquidity mining, and PVP rewards.

As seen in the chart above, the token’s price is down 53.1% in the past 3 months, currently sitting at $0.089 at the time of writing.

NFT Battle Cards cost less than $1 and up to $1,000 each. The most common NFT Master Cards begin at a higher cost, starting at $6-$7 each.

Each NFT Battle Card has a specific mining hashpower, which derives the daily reward rate. The lowest possible mining hashpower is 10 and the cheapest cards cost $1. Buying 10 cards will cost $10 and will provide 100 hashpower, which currently translates to about 0.1 $ERA7, or $0.01 daily with the current exchange ratio. This comes up with an initial ROI of 1,000 days and an annual return of 36.5%.

NFT Games, and specifically the games mentioned in this article, stand out from traditional Web2 gaming through true ownership of in-game assets as well as including aspects of DeFi like Liquidity and NFT Mining. MOBOX and Tiny World are mostly played as idle games, by strategically building in-game assets and entering observer mode during battles. Conversely, in Era7 you’ll get more action, especially in the PvP mode. Stay tuned for more coverage on Web3 gaming in the near future.