Analyzing 5 Popular NFT Games on Avalanche: Player Stats and More

Ephraim Austin

Aug. 09, 2022

2022 has been a breakout year for NFT games, especially on the Avalanche Network. The explosion in new games we saw at the beginning of the year continues to progress despite the fact that we are in a bear market. Every week we see a host of new games launching. The builders are building and NFT gaming isn’t waiting for the next cycle to get things going. 

That being said, what are the attributes that help make a successful blockchain game? For starters, it helps if the game is fun to play. Recently, we’ve seen many games that haven’t focused on the fun aspect and have fizzled out after just a few months. But digging deeper, there are other attributes that blockchain gamers should look for when deciding on which NFT game to play. These include, complexity of the in-game economy, rarity of NFTs, strong secondary markets, developer team, tokenomics, daily active user growth, breeding mechanics and more.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just doing initial research or if you’ve been deep in the Avalanche gaming ecosystem, this guide has something for everyone. We’ll break down five popular games on Avalanche that you should know about and what sets them apart. 

  1. Crabada – Autobattler Game
  2. Pizza Game – Staking Game
  3. Snail Trail – Racing Game
  4. GunfireAVAX – Shooter Game
  5. Imperium Empires – Real Time Strategy

1. Crabada – Autobattler Game


Crabada launched in November 2021 and quickly rose to be the top game on Avalanche. The game takes place under the sea where NFT hermit crabs battle for sunken treasure. Originally, the game launched with Idle Game, its minimum viable product (MVP) product that revolved around mining and looting every four hours. 

However, in May, developers launched Battle Game, in which players can build teams and battle each other. This creates a more immersive experience as you can watch each battle in real time. Similar to Idle Game, Battle Game is based on an auto-battler engine: you start a mine and when someone loots you, the battle is automated. You’ll earn materials from battles which you can use for food or to craft into Treasure Under Sea (TUS), the in-game currency. Check out our Crabada Game Guide for more information.

Additionally, the dev team have recently launched Arena Mode which pits players against each other in an arena setting with weekly leaderboard rankings. The goal is to accumulate Arena Points (AP) by challenging opponents in an attempt to increase your ranking. Check out our live stream of Arena Mode the day it came out. 

Historical activity
Source: DappRadar

Crabada’s daily active users (DAU) started with just a handful of players back in November and peaked at over 7,000 in May of this year, per DappRadar. However, DAU has come back down to 3,607 as of August 8, 2022 per the Crustaco Times. Note: DappRadar data does not account for Crabada’s migration to Swimmer Network .   

To get started you’ll need to download the app and then head to Crabada marketplace to purchase three hermit crab NFTs. At the time of writing, floor crabs cost about 19,350 TUS each. Once you have your team up and running you’ll earn materials from either mining or looting, which can be crafted into TUS. Rewards will vary depending on whether you mine or loot and how often. The maximum TUS you can earn from mining, not factoring in food costs, would be ~1,800 per day and for looting would be ~4,400 per day. However, that assumes a 100% win rate which is unlikely. Realistically, you’ll make a percentage of that amount depending on the game’s random number generator.  

Good luck on your deep sea adventures! 

2. Pizza Game – Staking Game

Pizza Game

Who’s ready for some pizza? This blockchain game launched in December 2021 and has since built a dedicated community. If you’re looking to set up your first pizza joint, you’ll need to buy a Pizza Chef NFT kickstarting your journey to earn in-game rewards by staking one or more Chefs in the Pizzeria. Players can purchase Chef Tools to refine their craft and generate more rewards.

At its core Pizza Game is a strategy game and the purpose is to create a Pizza empire and dominate the industry. Here’s where strategy starts coming into play, as you will have to make decisions on how to efficiently manage your Chefs; whether to invest in Chef Tools, or putting more focus on optimizing all aspects of your Pizzeria.

The Pizzeria lies at the heart of the action and it’s where you’ll stake your Chefs and their Tools to gain Pepperoni ($RONI), the first of three in-game currencies. Check out our game guide for a more in-depth explanation. 

Historical Activity
Source: DappRadar

Daily active users peaked in February at just over 2,600 users and has been trending down, most likely because of the bear market, to 430 users.  

At the time of writing, a normal Chef will cost you 2.05 $AVAX. At current $RONI prices, a normal Chef churning out one $RONI per day, comes out to 0.003 $AVAX per day. You can check out market pricing using our Pizza Game analytics tools.

To get started you’ll need to set up a wallet such as MetaMask and go to NFTrade to purchase a Chef. Head over to Pizza Game’s site and begin building your pizza empire!  

3. Snail Trail – Racing Game 

Snail Trail

Snail Trail is a play-to-earn racing game using snail NFTs as in-game assets. Each snail is unique and can compete in races, breed more snails and earn $SLIME, the rewards token. 

Once you’ve purchased a snail NFT you can earn rewards by entering races and tournaments on the platform, all available in real time for watching. There are several available tracks to race and each differs from others in the distance and conditions.

Snails are hermaphrodites and they can use their reproduction systems however they like. In Snail Trail;

  • Each Snail is born without a default gender.
  • Players can assign a gender to their Snails or change the gender of their Snails.
  • Once a gender is registered, it cannot be changed for 30 days.
Historical Activity
Source: DappRadar

Snail Trail active users spiked in May when the game was launched and have since trended down to ~475 players per day. 

To get started you can head over to NFTrade or Jopegs to buy a snail NFT, which will set you back ~0.9 AVAX. Rewards are dependent on the number of races entered per day and the reward pool for each race. There are two types of races: daily missions and competitive. For daily missions you can race every four hours. Alternatively, competitive races have no daily limit. However each race has a limited number of spots so the maximum races you can enter will vary. Head to Snail Trail’s site to get started. 

4. Gunfire AVAX – Shooter Game

GunFire AVAX

Gunfire AVAX is a combat shooter game that utilizes automated firing mechanics. Players will choose from a set of heroes with unique guns and fight off villains to earn rewards. After defeating enemies, players can earn some tokens, boost their energy or upgrade their fighters.

What sets Gunfire AVAX apart is you can start playing for free. It’s easy to learn and players immediately start earning GUNX, the official token of Gunfire AVAX project. GUNX is currently not listed as Gunfire plans a token listing in Q4 2022. 

According the Gunfire’s website, there are 110,000 registered users that span 10+ countries. Here’s a short demo from the game’s creators for a better understanding of gameplay. Also, make sure to check out our AMA with Gunfire’s CMO. 

To get started you’ll need to download the Gunfire AVAX app then set up an account with Oxalus wallet. If you are a free player, you can go for PvE mode to earn GUNX token. If you want to compete, you can play PvP mode to win more GUNX and the AVAX token. 

5. Imperium Empires – Real-Time Strategy

Imperium Empires

Imperium Empires Alpha Game is a AAA, third-person, real-time strategy (RTS) blockchain game that takes place in the Imperium metaverse. Currently under development by a team of over 40 people, it includes player-vs-environment (PvE), player-vs-player (PvP), and other economic activities that players can take part in.

In addition to their Alpha Game (which will be released soon) the team has released Apollo, its web-based NFT space game. The dev team is using Apollo as an economic test to ensure their play-to-earn game economy is sustainable long-term.

Apollo is an idle web game centered around mining. To get started, players need Imperium Empires NFT ships to form fleets. Fleets can range from a single ship to three ships. Mines are scattered around the game’s zones and can be accessed through its different stations. From there, players can mine and lurk with other players. For a more detailed overview of Apollo check out our game guide or our recent AMA with the Imperium Empires team. 

Currently there isn’t any data available in terms of player stats and user growth. However, the game has 48,000 twitter followers and 9,000 Discord members.

To get started head over to the Apollo site for a quick start guide. Afterwhich, you’ll navigate to the marketplace to buy a spaceship NFT. At time of writing floor spaceship NFTs cost 2,799 $IME ($2.62). All you need is one spaceship NFT to start a fleet and you are ready to start playing. Rewards are offered in Silver Credits, which at the end of every season can be exchanged for $L-IMC, which has not been listed yet.

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