An In-Depth Look Into Nine Chronicles’ World Boss Gameplay Feature

Jethro Sandico

Oct. 06, 2022

Popular Web3 game Nine Chronicles’ has added a “World Boss” feature, which the team launched on September 27, 2022. The gameplay mode allows players to either cooperate or compete and earn bigger rewards.

Here’s what we’ve learned about World Boss so far.

Nine Chronicles World Boss Mechanics

Players can unlock World Boss after clearing Stage 50. There are five waves in each battle, and the boss will grow stronger as the game progresses. Additionally, the more competitors joining World Boss, the bigger the rewards.

World Boss season has two types of seasons: On-Season and Off-Season. On-season will run for a week with 50,400 Blocks, while the Off-season’s duration is two weeks, with 100,800 Blocks. Moreover, every season happens in line with Arena off-seasons.

A “Battle Grade” is awarded to each player who completes a battle. In total, the game has five Grades, with S-Grade as the highest, followed by A, B, C, and D (the lowest). The given grades will affect the amount of rewards that a participant will receive.

To enter World Boss, players are required to pay an entrance fee using crystals. The game will charge an amount that was based on the level of the character. In addition to that, each player will receive three tickets everyday (7,200 Blocks). Participants can also purchase additional tickets using the token $NCG.

Fenrir the Wolf

Nine Chronicles’ lore mentions a “merciless monster wolf from World 4” named “Fenrir.” Earlier in the story, the beast was defeated and fell into the “bottomless abyss” of the void known as “Ginnungagap.” Fenrir would eventually return after an ominous “dark energy” consumed his soul and took control.

In this new multiplayer feature, players must face Fenrir as the game’s World Boss. The total HP of the current boss (Fenrir) is shared among participants under “Global HP.” After defeating the monster, the game will generate a stronger one to make the next challenges more difficult.


Here are the various rewards that World Boss mode awards to winning players: 

  • Battle Reward: A Battle Reward is awarded immediately after an individual battle.
  • Battle Grade Reward: A Battle Grade Reward is given every time a player breaks through to the next Grade (this includes moving up to D-Grade). Additionally, participants can receive up to five Battle Grade Rewards per season (Rewards are refreshed every season).
  • Boss Kill Reward: Boss Kill Rewards are granted to players who participated in killing a World Boss. The Reward will depend on the rank and number of times the user participated.
  • Season Reward: The game will give out Season Rewards at the end of every season. Season Rewards are based on the ranking and levels of the monster collected. Additionally, the team will update bonus rewards for monster collection in the near future.

About Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a Web3 MMORPG/Strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. In the game, participants can obtain Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of armor and weapons. Furthermore, Nine Chronicles allows players to engage in PvE campaigns, as well as explore, set up camp, craft items, and mine for tokens.

The project is currently having a stellar year, with several achievements in the space. This includes the launch of an in-game collection called D:CC (De:Decentralized Cat), as well as the kick-off of its first-ever Arena Championship. Moreover, Nine Chronicles has also received funding from companies such as Animoca Brands, Binance Labs, SamsungNext, and WeMade, among others.

The game’s primary currency is called “Nine Chronicles Gold” or $NCG. Players can use the token to craft items, trade with fellow users, challenge other combatants, or upgrade characters. 

During the game’s earlier stages, players can enjoy Nine Chronicles without the token. However, as the game progresses, $NCG will become a necessity as players become more powerful. In due course, participants will be able to stake the token to earn items such as potions, which they can consume or sell for added profit.

Players cannot directly acquire $NCG through exchanges. Users must purchase Wrapped NCG ($WNCG) from an exchange first, and then transfer the tokens to Nine Chronicles (using the game’s Onboarding Portal). After this procedure, $WCNG will automatically convert to $NCG.

As of this writing, $WNCG is trading at $0.09455, with an $11,326,213 market cap, and a 24-hour volume of $367,628 (per CoinMarketCap).