Amazon x Ava Labs, Rolling Stone and Game of Thrones NFTs, Yuga Labs Ecosystem Expansion

Jethro Sandico

Jan. 12, 2023

Today’s Web3 digest features projects from industries including business, gaming, entertainment, technology, finance, and many more.

Headlining this roundup are brands and companies including Amazon, Game of Thrones, Rolling Stone, Singtel, SK Telecom, and Yuga Labs. Meanwhile, Web3 entities that made moves include Easy Company, BasedHeads, Easy Company, Mobile Streams, and MO:ME:NT, among others.

Last but not least, Web3 gaming continues to bring life into the blockchain with several developments in the space. Titles that made some noise today include Axie Infinity, Battle For Giostone, Crabada, Cross the Ages, Shrapnel, and Taunt Battleworld.

Here are the stories that shape Web3.

Top Stories

  • E-commerce giant Amazon’s subsidiary the Amazon Web Services (AWS) has formed a partnership with Avalanche blockchain developer Ava Labs. The team-up will promote blockchain adoption for enterprises, institutions, and governments. Essentially, the initiative aims to make the process of launching and managing modes on Avalanche easier (TC).

  • Pop-culture magazine Rolling Stone’s ‘Web3 Exclusive’ is now available for auction. Basically, the project is a 1/1 re-creation of a Rolling Stone cover featuring Russian feminist group Pussy Riot founding member Nadya Tolokonnikova. 100% of the proceeds from the collection’s NFT sale will support women’s reproductive rights advocacies. Interested parties may visit digital collectibles marketplace Coinbase NFT to obtain a piece (TW).

  • Fantasy TV series Game of Thrones has released its “Build Your Realm” NFT collection on the 10th of January. The project sold out on the same day of its launch on NFT marketplace However, the quality of the artworks received some backlash for being “poorly” drawn. Moreover, Web3 game Treeverse co-founder Loopify said the collection is “the worst thing I’ve ever seen” (BTC).

  • Yuga Labs, the creators of blue-chip digital collectibles Bored Ape Yacht Club, has unveiled some expansion initiatives for its NFT ecosystem. Starting on the 17th of January, the company will launch a free mint campaign for Sewer Pass tokens. In essence, Bored Ape Yacht Club/Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders can use the pass to unlock a skill-based game called Dookey Dash (CD).

  • Abu Dhabi-based blockchain platform Venom Foundation and investment manager Iceberg Capital have formed a new partnership. As part of the team-up, the entities launched a $1 billion fund to support Web3 and blockchain companies. The firms will use ‘Venom Ventures Fund’ to invest in various protocols and Web3 decentralized applications (DApps) (CT).

Web3 Games

  • Shrapnel, an Avalanche-based AAA shooter game, shared a recap of its achievements in the previous year. Titled “2022: Shrapnel’s Year in Review,” the article highlighted several milestones such as the ‘Big Wins’ that saw the project’s 2,400 community members obtaining digital collectibles from the well-loved title. Other accomplishments include events, press coverage, trailer release, and community growth (M).

  • Play-to-earn NFT game Axie Infinity’s Season 2 of ‘Axie Infinity: Origins’ recently went live. Kicking off on January 11, the 42-day tournament will give away 112,000 $AXS tokens. Basically, the second installment introduced ‘Eras,’ a feature which split the season into four time periods. Additionally, most of the cards were also revamped to “bring a more diverse mix of teams” (AXS).

  • The anticipation is building up as multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Battle For Giostone’s ‘Primal Giostone League’ nears its kick off. “10 days remain before the start of the Primal Giostone League. Are you prepared?” the team teased on Twitter. The Esports league will feature 32 teams engaging in 4 months of “ruthless combat,” as they vie for a share of the $20,000 prize pool (TW).

  • Autobattler idle game Crabada has introduced a new edition of its ‘Crabada-World Short Story Series.’ In a bid to “re-live the rich and exciting history of Crabada lore,” the latest offering follows the adventures of the protagonist Astrid in “Book of Excramos, Volume 4: Sigurd’s Stormbreaker” (TW).

  • Upcoming card strategy game Cross the Ages recently shared a rundown video of the game’s milestones last year. Featuring the “Best of 2022,” the recap covered reveals, trailers, animation tests, events, and tournaments, among others. Some of the notable entities that contributed to CTA’s run include London Real, NFT New York, Square Enix, and many more (TW).

NFT News

  • Web3 fighting game Taunt Battleworld is launching its NFT collection on January 14, 2023, on digital collectible marketplace Magic Eden. Dubbed the “Black Magic Collection,” the project is made up of 1,500 characters that draw inspiration from combat athletes such as Floyd Mayweather. Furthermore, the collection also includes warriors from NFT projects such as “Super Yeti and Decentral Games Ice Poker” (BTC).

  • NFT project BasedHeads recently launched on the Ethereum blockchain and sold out within 24 hours. The project is a digital collection of 10,000 NFT avatars. Moreover, BasedHeads is set in a dystopian world as envisioned by Robert Schmidt (aka Supermassive), a 20-year veteran filmmaker (NFTE).

  • London-based mobile content provider Mobile Streams has signed a five year contract that makes it the exclusive provider of NFTs for La Liga football club’s Cadiz Club de Futbol. Part of the agreement is a target revenue which will come from NFT sales, as well as royalties derived from trading. “It’s a privilege to be working with such a great club as our first in La Liga,” Mobile Streams chief executive Mark Epstein stated (MS).

  • MO:ME:NT, a Switzerland-based company offering moments of public interest as NFTs, has partnered with Middle-East-focused blockchain ecosystem Crypto Oasis Ventures. Essentially, the team-up aims to merge MO:ME:NT’s ecosystem for the sports and marketing industries with Crypto Oasis’ talent pool and financial resources. The latest initiative is a continuation of MO:ME:NT’s foray into Web3, which started with brands such as the Erste Bank Vienna Open (ATP 500) and Burger King (FT).

Into the Metaverse

  • South Korean telecommunications operator SK Telecom has announced a memorandum of understanding with Singaporean telecommunications conglomerate Singtel. The partnership aims to grow the metaverse business in countries where Singtel operates. Essentially, the companies will start creating localization strategies for social metaverse app ifland in Singapore. This includes building virtual versions of real-life places in the country, along with custom avatars based on their local culture (CIO).

  • Indian metaverse platform Trezi has secured over $2 million in a seed funding round led by World V and YourNest Venture Capital. Key investors that joined the fundraise include Auxano Capital and She Capital. Trei is an immersive design communication and collaboration platform for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry. The company will deploy the funding to accelerate the development of its metaverse offerings, as well as expand the platform’s reach (AX).

Trezi Web3 metaverse

Around the Blockchain

  • Web3 tech firm the Easy Company has secured $14.2 million in a seed funding round. In addition, the entity also launched a “social” crypto wallet, which the company believes will help onboard mainstream audiences. The beta version of Easy’s wallet is now available on iOS and Android operating systems (TC).

  • Mobility technologies and ecosystem provider Togg has partnered with digital asset custody orchestration technology provider Metaco. The collaboration aims to support and secure the custody and governance of digital assets. According to Togg CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş, the company is “designing an open mobility ecosystem that is interconnected and interoperable with others.” This includes smart home and smart city ecosystems, among others (PRN).

  • Crypto news outlet Cointelegraph has launched its own ‘Accelerator Program,’ which aims to boost Web3 startups. Subsequently, the media company is also looking for interested projects in the field of blockchain. “We welcome companies with strong convictions and innovative projects to apply for the program and join our partner network to bring long-lasting value to the industry,” Head of Cointelegraph Accelerator Paul Solntsev stated (CT).

Easy Company Web3

Web3 Content Creators

  • Brycent: Web3 streamer Brycent recently covered a few interesting games in the space. Some of the notable titles include battle royale games Bladerite and GRIT, basketball-inspired projects Dinos Chibi and Primal Hoop, and action/fantasy role-playing game (RPG) The Fabled.

  • Cagy: Web3 content creator Cagy’s gaming organization The Juice Team has announced a partnership with turn-based RPG project Champions: Ascension. As a result the team is giving out 50 whitelist spots to a free ‘Elemental Eternal’ NFT mint. The collection will have a total supply of 10,000, and the raffle date is on the 12th of January, 2023.

  • CryptoStache: Crypto personality Stache has announced the celebration of his 100th Mission in the space. “I have been tirelessly promoting Web3 games since 2018,” Stache Tweeted. The upcoming event will feature a “massive livestream,” along with rewards in the form of crypto, memberships, and Champions: Ascension NFT giveaways.

  • Hustle: Web3 gaming YouTuber Hustle featured a new project called ‘Smashverse.’ Essentially, the battle Royale-style melee game boasts “ultra-dynamic, epic close combat fights with advanced movement mechanics. According to Hustle, Smashverse combines elements of Fortnite and Street Fighter, creating an “intimate, fast-paced fun and core gameplay loop for both recreational and pro gamers.