All You Need to Know About P2E Analytics’ Site Expansion

Ephraim Austin

Jun. 12, 2022

We, at P2E Analytics (P2EA), are very excited to launch our site expansion with a variety of new features such as expanding our analytical tools’ portfolio to cover more games, a News Hub, as well as some game guides and insights.  

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) Gaming industry has been rapidly evolving over the last few years across the world. New launches of P2E games and titles have solidified the growing popularity of the space; thus, it was only a matter of time before all this buzz caught our attention. The space has grown so quickly that most people don’t realize it has become a sleeping giant

P2EA was born out of a communal need to bring together P2E gamers under one roof helping them make informed decisions throughout their journey into crypto gaming.

Getting Started

For example, most of the P2EA team plays Crabada and utilizes our analytics tools on a daily basis. When we look to start our next breeding farm, we check out P2EA’s population statistics and marketplace data tools. This is data that directly impacts our gameplay. 

crabada population

The updated website now includes data analytics for Pizza Game. This includes marketplace data, as well as inflation data for $PIZZA and $SODA tokens. Now, players can have a clear view of market dynamics and continue their quest to dominate the pizza industry. 

Pizza token

The Crabada analytics page now features data from Swimmer Network so players can get a real-time view of inflation, population, market prices and breeding metrics.   

The News Hub

Additionally, the updated News Hub covers key news from the gaming space. Unsure about the latest update to Crabada? We’ve got you covered with our news updates. Unclear how the new tokenomics change will affect Pizza Game? We publish detailed game updates to help you understand the latest changes. Wondering how the current gaming landscape will change in the near term? Our News Hub is consolidating market news into one place to help you anticipate market dynamics.    

We believe in a level playing field in all things DeFi and Gaming. We’re looking to provide accurate and dependable insights, analytics, content, and resources covering the world of crypto gaming to quickly empower players to level- up their decision-making. We dedicate this platform, our work, resources, and time to our community, all our efforts are made for you.

Our mission is to become the one-stop-shop for all things GameFi, providing crypto gamers with all necessary tools, insights, analytics, and information to make better decisions in P2E gaming.

We want to create a cooperative community that helps the next generation of users enter the world of Web3, by helping decrease the learning curve on all things GameFi.

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