All You Need to Know About Eldarune

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 23, 2022

The biggest Play-to-Earn (P2E) games so far have usually been based around collectibles such as Axie Infinity, Crabada or Alien Worlds. Several genres that are hugely popular in the legacy video game industry, however, have been conspicuously missing. One of these is Role Playing Games (RPGs): RPGs are games where you play as a character and are story driven.

RPGs can be a great fit for Web3 gaming due to the amount of collectibles players earn while playing! They’ll often collect Gear as well as Consumables which could be owned by players. This means you could have full-on ownership of your in-game assets and rent or even sell them to players once you’re done using it.

Eldarune is a AAA (a classification of games with a high-budget) medieval, fantasy, action, Arena-RPG game with 4K graphics, clan and a season system found on the Avalanche blockchain. Eldarune is an RPG which means you’ll play through an engaging storyline: you’ll travel through the 21 islands of Elymnias the world Eldarune is based in, fight in hundreds of crawling dungeons, and defeat legendary high-level monsters along with your clan. 

Beyond that, Eldarune also has Player versus Player (PvP) battles to test your skills against other players; both solo, as well as forming a team with your clanmates and taking on opposing clans! You’ll have to develop different strategies (and work together with your clan) to defeat your enemies in each of the different modes.

Eldarune’s Storyline

Eldarune takes place in the fictional world of Elymnias set in a medieval setting. The story follows Alec, a Justicar separated from his family as a child. Justicars are a privileged class within the world of Elymnias who travel around to fight injustice. Alec is creating an army in order to fight back against the thieves and tyrants of Elymnias who threaten its peace and sanctity.

Eldarune justicar

Alec’s title of Justicar holds great power and responsibility, he was trained in different disciplines including martial arts, swordsmanship, magic, and alchemy. He’s skilled in subterfuge and deception since he must foray into politics as well– Justicars bear the right to judge even the high nobles and kings in Elymnias.

Throughout Eldarune you’ll encounter a host of rich characters such as Elora, who can be described as:

“strong-willed, tough as a tank woman. Working as a blacksmith, she forges the best armor and weapon. Even though she is tough and hard to approach on the surface, a gentle spirit lies deep within. Has no interest in starting a family or having a child, she thrives on challenges.”

Eldarune Justicar

You’ll meet characters from all walks of life such as: the Pirate Captain, ransacking, human-trafficking, naval warfare… he has seen and done things; the Alchemist, a man of desires and hunger for power. You’ll also meet others such as the Skull Crushers, pirates who were used by the Alchemist’s dark powers.


Eldarune offers a wide variety of gameplay through its different combat systems. These include the different weapons available to you such as Swords, Axes, Maces, and more for close combat as well as Crossbows for ranged battles! You will strengthen your champion by acquiring Profession Skills, Alchemy Points, Weapon Mastery, Magic Mastery, and more. You will also battle through dungeons to loot stronger gear, leveling your champion’s items along the way.

To do so, you’ll prove yourself in a range of different battlegrounds, not just standard man-to-man combat. Your champion will ride dragons into aerial battle and engage in naval fights on the high seas! Dragons used to be plentiful in the skies of Elymnias, but now they are few and far between, to ride one you’ll have to make sacrifices and prove yourself. The vast seas of Elymnias prove useful for sailing, especially for battleships. Battleships are very costly, but essential for naval fights and offer great leverage against your opponents. However, building a ship takes lots of resources and effort. Thus, they are limited in numbers.

Blockchain and NFT Integration

Unlike traditional gaming, In Eldarune, all game assets, like Weapons, Armors, Characters, Skill Books and Champions are NFTs. What this means is you can take ownership of your own in-game assets, a key part of the Play-to-Earn community. This means complete ownership, players can sell their NFTs when they’re done playing on open markets.

Selling NFTs is already a widely known blockchain-integration mechanic. However, Eldarune adds a few more mechanics to this system. For example, you can upgrade your NFTs to a higher level with better stats for leverage in battle. Or you can rent your NFTs to other players for a limited time in return for a profit. This allows you to monetize your in-game assets without selling them!

Game Economy

$ELDA is the game’s token which has many different use cases. $ELDA will drop from quests, objectives and challenges. Completing quests, defeating a boss in Clan Boss mode, winning a PvP arena fight, special events and much more. 

With the $ELDA tokens dropped, players can utilize them in various ways:

  • To purchase Arena Tickets for participating in PvP battles.
  • To use the autoplay function for idle grinding in Dungeons.
  • To buy Chests, of which there are different tiers:
    • Skill Book chests for Tomes to progress through skills.
    • Item Chests that contain random Gear to gain.
    • Champion chests that contain Champion drops. 
  • To create Clans (a central element of Eldarune) and also essential for Clan Battles
  • To buy NFTs. There are Dragon and Battleship NFTs with limited supply. These are very potent tools for battle. Dragon and BattleShip NFTs will be mandatory to participate in their respective gamemodes.
  • Below you can find a breakdown of $ELDA’s tokenomics:
Eldarune tokenomics

Eldarune’s Sustainability: Season System

Sustainability is crucial for a good Play-to-Earn game. The cornerstone of Eldarune’s sustainability is based on its Season System. Eldarune is set to have 21 seasons. Each season will be unlocked along with a new island that you can explore with new enemies, gear, as well as new storylines to play through. 

This is Eldarune’s plan to solve the issue of a sustainable and dynamic game economy. Without adding new objectives and assets, players tend to leave the project way too soon when there is not much left to do. The foundation of Play-to-Earn games is based on an active and vibrant community. A large and dedicated player community will help provide long term sustainability for Eldarune. According to the whitepaper:

“With the recent rise of GameFi, many projects have emerged. However, most of them are still in the development process. You can see they are listed on some DEX, but token value fluctuates considerably. This is because they focus too much on earning aspect of the games, and the fun part is usually neglected. Thus, the player base can dump the value just like they pump it in the first place. GameFi is still a shallow market, making it very vulnerable and exposed to the fluctuation of their token values. This dramatically limits the full potential of the projects. As long as a project is not focused on fun, players might leave on the slightest devaluation, which may cause a dump in the project’s overall value.

Even though we are stressing that the most critical aspect of a GameFi project should be the fun gameplay, ignoring the importance of a wellstudied tokenomics will doom any project. In this sense, Eldarune will have a limited supply of $ELDA tokens and a long-term roadmap with a season based approach for the long-term sustainability of the game. A new season is coming around every three months; players will explore more and more, and they feel more invested in the game.”

Eldarune roadmap
Eldarune roadmap
Eldarune Roadmap

You can follow Eldarune’s developments at their Twitter, Discord, and their Official Website. They also have a whitepaper. Eldarune’s full public game release is slated for Q4 2022 as per the team’s roadmap. They currently have a closed Beta/Alpha running for the different game modes, you can apply at their Discord. Stay tuned for more coverage in the near future!