Alien Worlds: Initiating Coverage

Ephraim Austin

Sep. 12, 2022


The hype around the metaverse reached an apex when Facebook changed its name to Meta, and even now it shows no signs of abating. When you see plumbing companies working on their “metaverse strategy,” you know things are getting a bit overheated. 

But if we push the hype aside and think about where the next 100 million users will come from in terms of crypto adoption, it most likely wont come from the metaverse. In reality, those users will come from the trojan horse of the metaverse: gaming. 

Many have speculated that gaming will be the gateway to the metaverse and we tend to agree. Indeed, most NFT games now have some aspect of the metaverse built into their gameplay. Alien Worlds is one such game that has built a huge community and an intriguing game to play. 

We are initiating coverage on Alien Worlds to help gamers and investors better understand gameplay, strategies, ROI ranges, tokenomics, roadmap, history and people behind the project.

What is Alien Worlds? 

Alien Worlds is a metaverse idle game using NFT cards where players compete for a resource know as Trilium ($TLM), which they use for staking and voting in Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs). Both planets and players compete for the in-game currency, $TLM, which leads to power struggles between groups.

Planets within the metaverse are DAOs which receive daily Trilium from the central metaverse smart contracts. You can participate in the game through mining, send spacecraft on missions, acquiring and renting land, voting for Planetary governance to impact Trilium and NFT payouts, and other strategic actions which are likely to proliferate over time as Planets offer their own games and NFTs. Currently there are six Planet DAOs in the Alien Worlds metaverse.

Alien Worlds is frequently a top three game in terms of users, with a 30-day user base of over 777,000 players. The game is cross-chain and lives on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and WAX.

ROI Scenarios

There are various strategies for earning rewards in Alien Worlds. We are going to cover mining, owning land and space missions. Based on current numbers the implied annual ROI ranges from ~34-52%.  

Below you can find a high level overview of various ROIs for each activity. 

Alien Worlds ROI

A few things to note: 

  1. Our mining figures assumes you are mining 75 times a day with 3 common shovels. We are also assuming a total of 250 days in a year to factor in weekends and other days off. The earnings will vary based on Tools used, Charge Time, Land Multiplier, number of successful mines per day, and the overall pot of TLM on the planet. Indeed, there are so many factors that can influence ROI that actual numbers can vary significantly.
  2. All Landowners will receive a Trilium payment which is dependent on the federation’s TLM reserve and the configured Daily Trillium Allocation to Landowners (DTAL). This amount will also vary based on the the commission from miners on your particular plot of land. For this example we used the cheapest plot of land on the market. 
  3. At the time of writing the only mission available was a four-week duration and required 1,000 Trilium lock up for 39.87 in rewards per spaceship.


Dacoco Gmbh is the entity behind the game. In 2020 the team conceived of and developed Alien Worlds, the first project to put Decentralized Autonomous Communities into competition with each other within a single economy. There are three co-founders: Michael Yeates, Saro Mckenna and Rob Allen.

On December 6th, 2020, Alien Worlds raised $250,000 through the sale of NFT cards. And at the end of December of that year the Alien World economy went live. Just a few months later, in March 2021, the game raised $2 million in a sale of its utility token, Trilium (TLM), to selected private investors.


The project has raised $2.5 million from two rounds of private token sales. 

  • Seed round: 7.06% of the maximum token supply was sold at 0.0021 USD per TLM
  • Presale round: 3.43% of the maximum token supply was sold at 0.0030 USD per TLM.

Notable investors in Alien Worlds are as follows: 

  • Animoca Brands – developer of The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes
  • Longling Capital – creator of China’s Meitu app
  • 3Commas
  • Digital Assets Groups

Management Team

  • Michael Yeates is the Head of Technology at Dacoco and has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017. First with Ethereum and then later on the EOS blockchain where he helped build eosDAC, one of the largest decentralized autonomous communities (DAC) by market capitalization and membership. He is also an advisor at Distributed Ledger Entertainment, a platform that combines interactive gaming with intellectual property from world class films, built on top of blockchain technology.
  • Saro Mckenna is Cofounder of Dacoco and comes from a corporate finance background and handles strategy and finance within the project.
  • Rob Allen Cofounder and Director of Dacoco. He is an entrepreneur and technology consultant. Before crypto he spent over 20 years in software development, project management, and other cutting-edge technology projects in many countries. On Alien Worlds, he handles much of the creative direction and gamification.


Alien Worlds runs on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and WAX, and the Trilium token contract lives on all three chains. BSC supports the ‘mission’ staking functionality, allowing missions to be offered to BEP-20 TLM token holders, whereas WAX supports a fee-less transactional layer for the majority of the core gaming logic (such as Federation and Planets).

Alien Worlds Infrastructure

User Stats 

30 Day: 777,390

7 Day: 330,960

24 Hr: 163,850

*Data from DappRadar as of 9/12/22 and includes player data from WAX and BSC chains.

Market Stats

Token: $TLM

Market Cap:  $65,239,502

Fully Diluted Market Cap: $249,662,790

Circulating Supply: 2.61 Billion

Max Supply: 10 Billion

*Data from CoinMarketCap as of 9/12/22.

Social Stats

Twitter followers: 119,000

Discord members: 40,707

YouTube subscribers: 7,350

Twitch followers: 15,500

Telegram followers: 24,547

Data as of 9/12/22.

Recent Performance

Alien Worlds Chart

Over the past three months as of 9/12/22, the TLM token price is flat compared to BNB which is up 32% over the same time period. 

*Data per CoinMarketCap

Alien Worlds Gameplay

Planets are the center of most activity within Alien Worlds. It’s on planets where you’ll be mining and competing against other players, and it’s also where governance happens. Indeed, each Planet sets its own resource strategy and games, and players vote for their own Planetary government through their staked $TLM. There are six planets, all of which are DAOs. Planets receive a daily amount of $TLM from the Federation, of which, the Planets’ Custodians choose how to allocate down to users.

Mining Game

The mining game allows you to mine for Trilium and NFTs on Land on a Planet. Each time you mine, you receive a Trilium payout and sometimes you get an additional NFT. The amount of Trilium and NFTs paid out depends on various factors such as how much Trilium is in the planet or how much the landowner commission will be. All NFT rewards are kept by the miner

When mining, you’ll select a Land to mine on and up to three Tools to mine with, both of which have attributes that impact the reward and the frequency you can mine. The first attribute is charge time, which determines how much time needs to have elapsed before you can mine again. Tools have a charge time associated with them and Land has a charge time multiplier that determines the frequency with which you can mine. The second attribute is Trilium Mining Power which is the sum of all tools power. That sum is then multiplied by the Land multiplier.    

Finally, to prevent network abuse and disincentivize automation, mining attempts must supply proof of work. For most users, this is all handled through the game interface without the user being aware of it.

Missions game

Missions are available on BSC and the idea is to send spacecraft on missions of varying durations and receive a TLM and NFT reward. 

The number of TLM offered as a reward for a given mission depends on the number of other spacecraft going on the mission. Clever users will figure out which missions are most popular and find one relatively undersubscribed. One NFT will be awarded per spacecraft per mission to a maximum of five NFTs per account per mission.

Missions NFTs will have utility within the BSC part of the metaverse, in particular through crafting and enhancing mission power variables in subsequent missions releases.

Missions can be thought of as staking since durations will be 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months. During this time the TLM fee is locked. 

Sending a spacecraft on a mission incurs a TLM fee which is returned at mission end.


The Core NFTs within Alien Worlds are the following:

Land is a series of NFTs in Alien Worlds which represent parcels of land on the Planets in Alien Worlds. If you own Land, you can either mine it yourself or charge people who mine on your land commission.

Alien Worlds

Avatars are NFT gamecards and are your face into the Metaverse. You’ll select your first avatar to use for mining. Avatars offered by the Federation include: Greys, Reptiloids, Little Green Persons, Nordics and Robotrons

Alien Worlds

Artifacts are a category of NFT that can affect the explorer experience and NFT stats but they currently don’t exist yet.  

Tools have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, a Glavor Disc is good for finding NFTs and a Lucky Drill will mine much more efficiently than a Standard Drill. You can use up to three tools at the same time. 

Alien Worlds

Weapon NFTs have both an attack rating and a defensive rating. Rarer and shinier weapons can have increased powers.

Alien Worlds

Minions are essentially an explorers crew that you will use in battles, and possibly in future explorations. They have five main attributes beyond the standard Alien Worlds NFT attributes: Attack, Defense, MoveCost, Race and Element.

Alien Worlds

Missions NFTs are earned by going on Missions in the metaverse. Missions NFTs have three variables: Crafting key, Boost power and Base power

Alien Worlds

NFT Properties

  • Rarity. All NFTs in Alien Worlds Metaverse have a rarity level. These levels are (in order of least scarce to most scarce)
    • Abundant
    • Common
    • Rare
    • Epic
    • Legendary
    • Mythical
  • Shininess. Each NFT has a quality attribute which reflects its shininess. The shininess levels are (in order of least shiny to most shiny). Usually, more shiny cards have more power than less shiny versions. All NFTs begin as Stone and can be upgraded for TLM which acts as a burn mechanism. 
    • Stone
    • Gold 
    • Stardust
    • Antimatter

You can purchase Alien World NFTs through a WAX cloud wallet at the Atomic Hub site


Alien Worlds Tokenomics
Alien Worlds Tokenomics


Near TermNebula events and other quests
Daily Allocation to Landowners claim function to become automated
Landowner-specific NFT mining incentive distribution mechanismInteractive storyline events & cross promotions with other games/NFTs
Coming SoonFighting game released
Artifacts NFTs released
Landowners to be able to display items in their window
Governance released
Galaxy – Future Plans“Heroes and Minions” packs and fighting functionality
Land terraforming and farming by landowners enabled
Avatar enhancements unlockedSelected external NFT collectibles gain powers in the Alien World Metaverse
Quests and immersive experiences
Interoperability between digital items“Services” on land opened
Additional terraforming (that impacts mining attributes)

Alien Worlds Governance

The game does not have a governance token. However, within the game there are six planets that are governed by DAOs. Players will be able to stake their TLM to vote in planetary decisions or to become a planet represetative to help affect the course of the game development. However, elections at Planet DAO have yet to take place as the governance system is still in development.  

Key Takeaways

  • Alien Worlds is backed by some blue-chip names in the gaming space, specifically Animoca Brands.  
  • The upcoming fighting game, which does not have an expected launch date could be a catalyst for the game.

Key Risks

  • Alien Worlds is operating in the play-to-earn space which historically has been prone to large boom and bust cycles.
  • Delays in development could harm the games prospects. For example, the Planet DAO governance system is still not functional after almost two years of development.