AAA Web3 Game PULSAR Mint Pass NFT Goes Live

Jethro Sandico

Sep. 15, 2022

Upcoming AAA game Pulsar’s Mint Pass goes live from September 14-21, 2022, the team announced on Twitter. Mint Passes are similar to vouchers that provide benefits such as discounts, in-game items, and exclusive drops.

The Pulsar Mint Pass is also minting in multiple blockchains including Avalanche, Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, and Harmony.

The drop was primarily scheduled on the 10th of September. However, the devs encountered some front-end bugs on the game’s website that prevented users from minting. The team re-scheduled the launch to address the issues and also airdropped a bonus NFT to every minter.


Mint Passes

Basically, Mint Passes are vouchers that players can mint and redeem for Land, Unit, and Building NFTs. Holders can maximize the value of their pass through their purchases, while  gaining discounts for Genesis NFTs, or other bonus items such as in-game skins. 

The Mint Passes are categorized into several tiers starting from Cadet, with Admiral as the top level. Each class will possess varying cost/redemption value, discount, and early access duration. The highest tiers also offer additional perks to its holders.

For example: Minting a Commander Pass for $1,500 will reward an owner $1,500 in credits, along with a 10% discount. Basically, players who avail of a $1,500 pass can use it to redeem $1,650 worth of Pulsar NFTs, along with an ongoing 10% discount for all future mints. Early access perks remain active even after the holder has redeemed the value of the Pass.

Below are the different tiers for Mint Passes, along with their benefits:

  • Cadet: The cost/redemption value for a Cadet is $250, with 3% mint discount, and 5 minutes of early access to the drop.
  • Lieutenant: The cost/redemption value for a Lieutenant is $500, with a 5% mint discount, and 15 minutes of early access to the drop.
  • Commander: The cost/redemption value for Commander is $1,500, with a 10% mint discount, and 45 minutes of early access to the drop.
  • Captain: The cost/redemption value for Commander is $2,500, with a 15% mint discount, 1 hour of early access to the drop, and a bonus skin.
  • Admiral: The cost/redemption value for Admiral is $10,000, with a 20% mint discount, and 6 hours of early access to the drop. Admiral tier also receives a bonus skin and an exclusive in-game unit.
Mint Pass Tiers (Top from left to right: Cadet, Lieutenant, Commander; Bottom from left to right: Captain, Admiral).

Mint Schedule

Here is the complete schedule for all the previous, as well as upcoming mints

  • September 3rd at 2PM UTC: Exclusive Avalanche Skin Mints on Kalao 
  • September 4th at 2PM UTC: 1/1 Pulsar Illustrations Auction on Campfire 
  • September 14th at 2PM UTC: Mint Passes on Pulsar Website 
  • September 17th at 2PM UTC: Genesis Land NFTs 
  • September 24th at 2PM UTC: Genesis $PLSR Mining Units ($PLSR Miners, $PLSR Refineries, Mobile Depots, and Motherships)
  • October 1st at 2PM UTC: Genesis Unit Packs (Spider Tanks, Resource Miners, and Resource Refineries)

About Pulsar

Pulsar is an upcoming space-themed AAA project by video game publisher 12 Random Words. The game combines elements of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) with Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. The game features an expansive world where players can mine resources, build structures, and battle creatures in a perilous, yet resource-filled alien planetary system.

Essentially, Pulsar is inspired by iconic strategy games such as Command & Conquer and StarCraft. Leveraging Avalanche Network’s blockchain technology, the game also utilizes elements of Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own (click here to read about the difference between P2E and P2O).

In Pulsar, players can also own NFTs of Land, Buildings, and Units. Owners can use the aforementioned assets to extract, refine resources, and earn the in-game currency $PLSR.

On September 5, Pulsar launched its Beta, which will pave the way for the Alpha version. Meanwhile, Pulsar’s on-chain build is slated to go live on October 15. The build will present PvE gameplay only, to be followed by various expansion packs in November and December.