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AAA Game Pulsar Releases Litepaper and Sets Game Launch Schedule

Posted August 9, 2022 5:53 pm
3 min
By Jethro Sandico

Upcoming Avalanche AAA game Pulsar released its Litepaper on August 8, 2022 as well as its launch schedule. This will answer a lot of questions regarding the project’s tokenomics, NFT mechanics, game lore, road map, as well as launch and mint dates.

Pulsar is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy (MMO/RTS) game being built on the Avalanche blockchain by video game publisher Twelve Random Words. The game’s lore focuses on the resource-rich planets in the planetary system of Pulsar, as well as an empire with aspirations to expand its powers, establish colonies and control new territories.

The game draws inspiration from perennially relevant titles such as Starcraft and Command & Conquer, while employing Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own models (click here to read about the difference between P2E and P2O). Here’s what we’ve learned from the Litepaper:

Asset Types


The size of land dictates the amount of $PLSR and other resources contained within the property. 

Landowners can also let other players build on or extract resources from their land, and then tax them based on a percentage of their earnings. Additionally, landowners are granted the capability to hold NFTs and delegate them temporarily to their best players, provided they have a “Mothership.”


Buildings such as Pulsar Refineries can convert raw pulsar to $PLSR tokens, while Resource Refineries can convert resources into on-chain Resource tokens.


Along with buildings, players will need Units such as Miners, to be able to extract resources and transport them to refineries. Other Units available include Drones, Spider Tanks (Combat Units), Mobile Depots, and Motherships, to name a few.

Resources and $PLSR

The game’s primary cryptocurrency, $PLSR can be acquired by extracting raw pulsar from the Land and refining them into a token. NFTs with the ability to extract and refine $PLSR have a limited circulating supply.

Aside from $PLSR, there are also Resources of varying rarity and value, that can be mined or looted from eliminated alien enemies. Unrefined resources can be refined into tokens like $GAS, which can be utilized to craft NFTs, or traded in the marketplace.

Game Release

The launch of the game’s Public Beta is slated for August, to be followed by the activation of Mining and Building features in October and December respectively. Additionally, the team is planning to launch the Full PvE Game in December to close 2022 with a bang.

NFT Schedule

Pulsar is planning two NFT Beta Pass Drops: one in August and one in September. Land and Miner Units will be released in October, while Buildings and Battle Units are scheduled for release in November.

Mint Passes

Mint Passes, which function similarly to vouchers, can be minted by players and use them to redeem NFTs while unlocking discounts.

Alpha Badge and Beta Passes

Pulsar will give away limited Team Alpha Badges in August, granting pass holders numerous perks such as Alpha access to the first publicly playable version of the game, and early minting access to Mint Pass, among others. 

Beta Passes will also be awarded to qualifiers for the Team Alpha program, giving them access to Pulsar’s Beta version, an off-chain game with multiplayer PvE and mining features.

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