BYOLand Selection: A Look Into the BYOVERSE

Jethro Sandico

Aug. 23, 2022

BYOLand selection is scheduled for launch on August 26, 2022. Aside from the finalized Map Explorer, the team has released a handful of information that can help future landowners make better decisions when selecting their assets.

Along with Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection BYOPills, BYOLand is part of the broader BYOVerse ecosystem, a 3D virtual world abundant with resources. In spite of the rewards found on this Metaverse, it is a dangerous place with harsh conditions and challenging terrains where harmful creatures roam. 

It is important for players to plan with utmost care and choose their land parcels wisely. Doing so will maximize their property’s potential and avoid unwanted consequences come game time.

What is BYOLand?

BYOLand NFTs are the core of BYOVerse’s virtual world and economy. These assets produce resources that can be used for crafting items, or consumed to survive or even enhance gameplay. Additionally, they can also be sold on the marketplace or converted to the in-game token $TRYP.

The resources found on a piece of land will depend on the pill top, ingredients, or sum of “trip levels” of the BYOPill that the land was minted with. BYOPills NFTs are consumables that can provide enhancements and experiences to a player’s avatar in the game’s Metaverse. See our summary of BYOPills here.

Materials on BYOLand

Here are the two types of materials that landowners can collect:

  • Resources: Found on the biome in ore veins in the mountains, or from rare jungle flowers. Resources are available on neutral and player-owned lands.
  • Ingredients: Ingredients are based on the BYOPill used for minting BYOLand. These are available mostly in player-owned lands but can also be found deep in the wilderness.

As of this writing, a plot of land can be obtained for as low as 0.182 $ETH ($295.91 USD), and as high as 420 $ETH ($682,869.60), per OpenSea. Currently with 2,794 holders, BYOLand has a $12,722,371.09 market cap, with a 24-hour volume of $1,510.88 (per NFTGo).


Benefits of Owning BYOLand

Land is a safe storage zone where players can stash everything they’ve collected in the BYOVERSE. Players can also teleport back to their land when facing danger, to avoid any attacks.

Since land is upgradable, landowners can build a base to protect their resources from scavengers. However, scavengers can also be allowed to gather from land and have them taxed, with percentages based on the amount of resources that they are amassing.

The BYO team is planning to introduce more utility to BYOLand, as well as give rewards to landowners. 

BYOVerse Map Explorer

BYOVerse already has a Map Explorer in place, to aid interested land buyers in their search for the perfect plot of digital real estate. 

Aspiring landlords can select from a vast number of biomes including the Mountain Ranges of Old Atlas, the Radioactive Swamps of Weeping Marsh, and the floating fractured lands of The Astroverse, to name a few.

BYOVerse Map
High-Fidelity version of the game’s Map Explorer

Factors to Consider when Playing in the BYOVerse

The below is a very high-level summary of factors to consider when choosing your land. You can find more details from the game here.


Lands in the BYOVerse are alive, and they react to how they are treated. Disturbances and certain activities (land exploitation) impact the land’s BYOEnergy, creating environmental reactions. The occurrence or severity of these reactions are determined by the of BYOEnergy the land, region, territory or world. Land near towns or outposts have more stable energy vs. land that’s deeper into the wilderness. However, with instability a higher risk/reward ratio is introduced. Some anomalies or events that occur as a result of BYOEnergy disturbances could be nice opportunities for players to exploit.


Land has different biomes such as temperature, humidity, radiation, fauna etc. Having land of the same biome next to each other, boost productivity. However, very high levels of productivity can impact the BYOEnergy, so a player must balance these aspects of the game.


Another vital element to consider when selecting land, is the transportation of goods. Players will be required to move between towns and outposts for them to earn from their resources, so the positioning of BYOLand parcels will largely impact the flow of trading and other activities for the landowner.

Trade Routes

When buying land, players can choose a location that’s close to Towns and Outposts to benefit from the activity, since these are the places where most of the trading occurs. On the other hand, opting to go deep into the wilderness can result in higher production spikes due to “BYOEnergy” instability.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting a location, as it will all boil down to personal preference, based on a landowner’s style of play.

Region and Scarcity

Accessibility and scarcity of resources depends on the region a land is situated in. This allows players to establish trade routes and supply other regions with the resources that they don’t commonly have. 

On the contrary, Ingredients will become available in various regions of the world, depending on player choices during land selection. This arrangement will create balance and sustainability within the game’s player-driven economy.


Apostles are 3D-rigged models that represent players in the Metaverse that come in four tiers: Goddess, Ancient, Psychonaut, and Voyager.

The different tiers of Apostles will impact how efficient land will be managed. However, landowners can also opt for a generic avatar if they haven’t obtained an Apostle yet.

Byoverse Apostles