7 AVAX Games You Can Start Testing Now

Ephraim Austin

Mar. 09, 2023

This week, we continued our series on the Avalanche gaming ecosystem with a spotlight on seven games under development that have open testing. 

The AVAX gaming ecosystem has had a busy few months announcing what seems like new partnerships every week. The builders are building and we’ve taken note. We’re looking at what the future holds for AVAX gaming by diving into seven games under development that you can test now. 

Let’s dive in. 


Pulsar is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO), Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, built on an Avalanche Subnet.

The game combines the gameplay components of titles such as Starcraft, but implements RTS and multiplayer mechanics where you build, mine, and conquer aliens of planet Pulsar and the surrounding empires.

The primary token in Pulsar that can be mined in-game is $PLSR. Miners and Refineries (NFTs) mine and process raw $PLSR into on-chain $PLSR. There is a limited amount of NFTs with the capacity to mine and refine $PLSR in circulation. $PLSR is contained in Land, which serves as a mechanism to prevent inflation.

The game is currently in test mode, with an available tutorial you can download here


Defimons gameplay involves exploring a vast open world, interacting with various non-playable characters (NPCs), completing quests, and battling with other players.  One of the main features of Defimons is the monster-catching aspect, which allows you to capture and train different types of monsters. These monsters can be used to battle against other players or non-playable characters. Each monster has unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

The game aims to provide a nostalgic gaming experience that can compete with classic popular games like Pokemon and Stardew Valley while introducing the concept of asset ownership to a new generation of gamers.

You can access the beta test via any web browser here


MetaOps is a 6v6 first-person shooter that takes gaming competition to a new level. You’ll need to choose your team wisely as you traverse the maps on your mission to defeat the enemy. 

In MetaOps, you can select between two types of characters – Humans and AI. With their own distinct personalities, behaviors, and cultures, they will liven up your FPS gaming experience.

The Humans make up the ExoMod Army, which is a special force of 5,555 elite soldiers from around the world. Each soldier is equipped with an ExoMod suit that enhances their reflexes and combat abilities in MetaOps. 

The AIs were built by a prominent figure in the MetaOps universe during the gas war. They were retired post-war, and turned into digital builders. However, they soon realized that they were actually the real owners of MetaOps – not humanity. 

You can download the game here

Paradise Tycoon

Paradise Tycoon is a metaverse game that allows you to embark on a journey to build the paradise you have always dreamt of. 

The game lets you collaborate with your neighboring landowners in events and create your own utopian community. You can build, explore and expand as well as collect resources and craft items to trade. 

Players can personalize their avatars with unique appearances, hairstyles, and accessories such as glasses or jewelry, as well as outfits like hats, jackets, pants, and sneakers. 

You can test the game here

Raini: The Lords of Light

Raini: The Lords of Light is a trading card game developed by Raini Studios in 2021. The game is set in the Rainiverse, the game’s metaverse where you take on the role of a deck builder and engage in battles using magical spells and minions. 

Each card is an NFT which you can earn by staking native tokens. The developers are long-time and seasoned Trading Card Game players, who raised capital by launching a memecoin with minor initial utility but succeeded with their significant engagement with the community.

You’ll need to fill out a form and be approved for alpha testing. There is no guarantee you will be approved but the team has said they want a large number of testers. 

You can sign up for the alpha test here


Ascenders is a sci-fantasy, open-world action RPG with a fully decentralized, player-driven economy powered by Avalanche

Set in the not-so-distant future, Ascenders takes place on an alien world, just after human explorers have unexpectedly been marooned there while attempting the first wormhole jump.

With no going back, you are thrown into this foreign land called “Ascension”. Your job is to explore this unknown world, establish your settlement and continue human existence. 

You can download the combat demo here.

Domi Online

AVAX Gaming - Domi Online

Domi Online represents a break from new-age MMORPGs, as their whitepaper says:

The common MMORPG model of this era requires players to do tedious quests in order to reach the same maximum level quickly, and sign up for repetitive dungeon farming to get the best gear. The result is: Most people on the server are much all the same at the end of the season, and when an expansion is introduced, your time is rendered worthless, as all your gear is the same as what new players start with, and the level can be grinded out in no time.

In Domi Online on the other hand, there are no caps: no caps on levels or skill. Player vs Player (PvP) combat and deaths have real major consequences. Domi pays homage back to an older era of RPGs that are cult-classics to this day- proving there is a demand for games of another style. However, Domi isn’t just a throwback, it’s also on a mission to combine the best of newer games such as new-school combat systems and graphics.

You can apply for alpha testing here.

Final Thoughts

The future looks bright for the Avalanche gaming ecosystem. Although we only covered seven games in this article, there are many more games under development that we’ll be covering in the future. Stay tuned for more updates.