5,000 Players Migrated to Swimmer Network

Jethro Sandico

Jun. 08, 2022

Crabada has already begun its migration to Swimmer Network as well as launched its Battle Game. Here are all the details. 

Swimmer Network Launch

The great crab migration has begun and nearly 5,000 players have migrated from Avalanche C-Chain to Swimmer Network. The Crabada team launched Swimmer Network (an Avalanche subnet) on May 13th, just two days before the launch of Battle Game. Swimmer Network is essentially a customized blockchain that allows Crabada to use its native token Treasure Under Sea ($TUS) as the fee token instead of the Avalanche token ($AVAX). This creates more utility for $TUS and lowered transaction fees.

Crabada Aventure Mode Map

Crabada Aventure Mode Map

The Crustaco Times also breaks down more details regarding Adventure Mode progress:

The adventure begins on “Treasure Isle” and as of May 25, 710 (14.27%) of the players have already cleared the stage. Meanwhile, 161 players (3.24%) have succeeded in clearing the “Zahara Tombs,” but so far, only five have conquered the “Frozen Tombs.” The zero clearance on the fourth and fifth stages, known as “Volcanic Peak” and “Soulful Seaway,” proves how tight the competition can get as the game advances.

Crabada Inflation 

As part of Crabada’s recent updates, emissions of ($TUS) have trended down as $TUS is now used for transactions of which 50% is burned.

The Crabada team was able to successfully launch a new blockchain and a new game, all in the same week. The team continues to ship updates to the game and is working hard to address any ongoing issues with the migration.