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3 Trending NFT Projects on AVAX You Should Know

Posted October 6, 2022 2:24 pm
5 min
By Michail Palierakis

Avalanche NFTs have gained momentum after the successful free mint period that drew many NFT collectors and enthusiasts to the Avalanche blockchain. In the last week, we’ve seen important updates and announcements, driving sales, traffic and collection prices up.

Rich Peon Poor Peon leads the ranks of highest sale volume, with almost 1,500 $AVAX traded in the last week. Chikn NFT introduced Foraging, spiking its floor price by 30%, with one Chikn NFT currently costing 110 $AVAX. The EgoVerse long-awaited Hunters collection is coming on October 20th.

Rich Peon Poor Peon Launches “Gold Rush” Raffle & Pickaxe NFT

NFT: Peon

On September 30th, Peon NFT announced a raffle coming up, drawing attention to the Peons. The “Gold Rush” Raffle, which will take place on Friday, October 7th, is where collectors with one or more Peons will have the chance to mint a Pickaxe, based on the number of Peons they own (1:1 ratio, up to 5 Peons). The price of a Pickaxe is currently at 0.25 $AVAX.

This announcement had a significant impact on Peon sales, causing the collection to climb up to 1st place on Joepegs with 1,417 $AVAX traded in the past week. The 2nd collection by volume, Assethas, only has 500 $AVAX in sales during the past week.

The floor price of a Peon NFT has climbed from 1.5 $AVAX to 3.8 $AVAX in the past week.

Although the utility of Pickaxes has not been revealed yet, rumors are they will improve “smashing rates by 100x.”

A snapshot will be taken on October 6th at 4 pm UTC regarding the number of Peon NFTs in your wallet, to determine the number of Pickaxes you will be able to mint. However, non-holders are invited to the Gold Rush as well.

The Pickaxe Raffle will happen on the first Peon Twitter Spaces, on October 7th, 4 pm UTC, with 50% of the mint going back to winners. 

To learn more about the Rich Peon Poor Peon NFT collection, you can join their Discord.

Chikn Introduces Foraging

Chikn NFT is an Avalanche Gaming and NFT Ecosystem. Featuring a tri-token economy, Chikn is designed to create a perpetual value-loop and liquidity growth.

NFT: Chikn

This is the official guide on “how to chikn”:

  • Buy a chikn, lay some $EGG
  • Stake your $EGG, farm some $FEED.
  • $FEED your chikn, make it Biggr.
  • Biggr chikn lay more $EGG, repeat.

Chikn NFT has been a staple in the Avalanche NFT scene since its release, five months ago.

Featuring great economic stability and frequent updates, it’s not a surprise a single Chikn NFT costs 110 $AVAX, some of the highest floor prices of any collection on Avalanche. 

On October 1st, Chikn NFT released a new feature, called “Foraging”. Currently on “Open Alpha”, Foraging will be released over a staged rollout, with a series of key releases leading to full foraging functionality. The open alpha will last one week, allowing everyone to become acquainted with foraging and set up their roost to maximize results. 

The alpha is free and all resources gathered will be reset to zero at the end of the week. This is to prevent fallbacks and hiccups. As time passes, the dev team will introduce other exciting components such as blueprints, crafting, minting, and decomposing.

Foraging will allow your Chikn and Roostr NFT to produce more NFTs through resource accumulation and crafting, while also giving utility to every trait and rarity throughout the Chikn ecosystem.

Additionally, foraging will eventually provide utility to any NFT by allowing them to gather resources on the Chikn FarmLand. That includes any NFT from any chain bridged to Avalanche, not only Chikn, Roostr, or third-generation chikn NFTs.

To learn more about the Chikn Ecosystem, head over to their Discord and official website.

Alter Ego Hunters Minting October 20th, By The EgoVerse

The EgoVerse, one of the most vibrant and friendly communities in the Avalanche NFT scene, is close to releasing its new collection, Alter Ego Hunters.

The Egoverse is a project running on the Avalanche blockchain and contains a series of sub-projects, already minted out with success such as the Alter Ego Punks, Yobi Samurai, Yobi Ninja, Secret Files, and Secret Files ll.

The EgoVerse features a variety of activities inside their community, including:

  • Alter Ego Punks staking
  • The EgoVerse: First Strike, a retro first-person shooter used for events, competitions, and tournaments
  • Discord gaming nights
  • Yobi Comic Book
  • Avax Chronicles Twitter Space, discussing favorite old and upcoming projects
  • NFT and WL giveaways

One of the most interesting parts of the EgoVerse is its roadmap, with real-life activities that holders will benefit from, such as:

  • Purchase of recreational property
  • Paintball course opening
  • Gaming Studio
  • Airbnb
  • HQ
  • Green Houses and Garden Beds

Few projects have such grandiose plans for the future, and it will be exciting to see the team and community accomplish them. If you want to be part of the EgoVerse and their upcoming plans, you can buy a Yobi Ninja or Samurai for 1 $AVAX, or an Alter Ego Punk for 6.5 $AVAX on Joepegs.
For more information about the EgoVerse, you can read the whitepaper or join their Discord.

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