3 Popular NFT Projects Coming to Solana

Michail Palierakis

Oct. 13, 2022

While Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sales and market prices are still relatively down and we’re still going through a bear market, Solana NFT sales nearly doubled in September ($122M) in comparison to August ($71M), based on CryptoSlam.

This rise in sales in the Solana NFT scene is mainly due to the release of some quality NFT projects such as y00ts, Critters Cult, and ABC.

Let’s take a look at the collections that may follow the same path in terms of sales volume during October on the Solana network.

Rotten Eggs NFT (Minting October 12th)

Rotten Eggs is a community-driven project that aims to introduce blockchain technology to new people while also finding ways to empower their community members. They’ve already been providing free crypto + NFT education prior to the mint to assist thousands of people in navigating and succeeding in this bear market.

On October 12th, 10,000 Eggs will be dropped on Magic Eden, of which:

  • 4,988 Rotten Eggs
  • 4,988 Fresh Eggs
  • 12 Rotten Legendaries
  • 12 Fresh Legendaries
NFT - Rotten Eggs

The Rotten Egg NFT represents the survival of the bear market. Interesting utility accompanies each NFT, with a TV Show in the makings and 4% of the generated royalties distributed to Legendary Egg holders.

Currently, the team is in discussions with several major networks to discuss hosting the Rotten Egg animated series, with Comedy Central being the most possible network. Holders will have a chance to be a part of the series:

  • Owning a Non-Legendary Egg will allow you to participate in a raffle to have your Rotten Egg featured as an extra in an episode. IMDB credits will be distributed.
  • Owning one of the 24 Legendary Eggs enters you into another raffle to have a co-starring role with actual lines in the TV Show. Other perks include IMDB Credits, voice actor compensation, access to exclusive content such as BTS, bloopers, how the show is made, and a Q&A with the creator.

Another interesting utility of the Rotten Eggs NFT is “Eggucation”, an exclusive holder perk featuring free education from Calvin Williams, a team member with years of trading experience. He will be giving out information and educative content throughout the year to exclusive Discord members.

2,500 pieces already sold out during presale on October 8th and as of this writing 94% of the project had been minted. Additionally, the project jumped to 5th place on OpenSea top Solana NFT collections by volume.

Minting price: 2.5 $SOL

For more information, check out their Twitter, Discord, and official website.

Utility Ape GEN 2 NFT (Minting October 14th)

Utility Ape’s vision is to empower social communities to thrive safely by building market-leading engagement gamification systems and security tools.

NFT - Utility Ape

The GEN 2 collection is a set of 1,000 NFTs that provide holders with greater benefits within the ecosystem, such as:

  • Up to a 20% discount on tools (up to $600 USD per month of value)
  • Increased earning rates, which can be used to purchase NFTs
  • Access to exclusive token prize boxes that contain SOL and USDC

The GEN 2 mint aims to build on the first mint by providing a stronger platform from which to improve and push the available tools out even faster, ultimately ending up becoming one of the best engagement and security tools in Web3.

The Collection also features an engage-to-earn mentality, meaning that you will be rewarded with tokens for engaging in the Utility Ape community. Those tokens can be redeemed in the official store for:

  • NFT prize boxes
  • Token prize boxes
  • Steam PC game prize boxes
  • Whitelist enrollments
  • Discord Nitro
  • Discord Game Cards

Below are all the available and future tools that holders may benefit from:


  • Utility APE Engagement Bot: Using this bot in a Discord server, members of the community can earn custom reward points by chatting, reacting, inviting, interacting with Twitter, doing quests, playing mini-games, and much more! They will also be able to use their reward points to purchase various items (whitelists, NFTs, roles, and so on) from the built-in server store.
  • Utility APE Security Bot: The Utility APE Security Bot is designed to block malicious attempts in a Discord server caused by a compromised staff account.


  • Discord Lite Staking: Staking NFTS for Tokens and Discord Currency directly within discord
  • NFT Auto Trader
  • Discord Raffle/Auction System
  • Solana Pay Integration
  • Sniper Tool
  • Trackers
  • Secure Holder Verification System

1,000 NFTs will be available for minting on October 14th, at Magic Eden, for 5 $SOL.

For more information check out the official whitepaper, Twitter, and Discord.

Nuigurumi NFT (Minting October 17th)

Nuigurumi NFT is a collection of 3,950 hand-drawn pieces. Nuigurumi means “rag doll” in Japanese and the team aims to turn these dolls from childhood toys into NFTs in the metaverse. The project features a community of 40,000 Twitter followers and 15,000 Discord members prior to the collection release, which reflects the demand for the upcoming mint day.

NFT - Nuigurumi

“Our vision is to create a delightful family-friendly brand that anyone can enjoy in both the physical and digital worlds. Nuigurumi are universally loved characters who will bring out the values of kindness and bring joy to the world.” – Nuigurumi Team

In addition to a unique piece of art, as a Nuigurumi holder, you will have access to the Nuigurumi community, exclusive giveaways, contests, various NFT and WL points to gift with the Nuibag (handed after minting to holders), priority in future collections, and more.

Currently, the Nuigurumi Game is available to play on the official website, with rewards distributed to the top 250 players, ranging from 0.25 to 10 $SOL.

A special NFT drawing is also in the makings, which will be airdropped to your wallet if you hold a Nuigurumi, as part of the Special Series Airdrop.

As per future plans, free merch for holders and surprise live events are part of the official roadmap.
For more information, you can check out the team’s Twitter, Discord, and official website.

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