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Yesports is the world’s largest Web 3.0 esports engagement platform. Powering the next generation of fan-to-team engagement with utility-first team NFTs, esports NFT marketplace and curated metaverse. 1.Claim your team's membership: Browse world class teams from around the globe and join their ranks via your membership of choice. 2.Get exclusive rewards : Support your favorite teams and in return earn exclusive rewards reserved for true fans. Customizable team rewards allow for ultimate flexibility in member experience. 3.Own your experience: Claim the rewards you are interested in and resell the membership or hold onto them for added goodies and benefits. Features coming soon YESP Token Governance :Have your voice heard and vote on proposals to further the protocol and the ecosystem. Platform Discounts: Stake YESP for discounted platform fees and advanced platform features. Stake and Earn Coming Soon: Stake YESP to earn exclusive whitelist spots, drops, and perks.

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