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The NemotsUnder development
-Binance Smart Chain  
The Nemots is an NFT-based collection game where you get to battle, buy, sell, trade, and collect cards reflecting different creatures and abilities. You will start off with a simple deck and challenge bots and players on timed fights. It may take some doing, but as you develop a unique card deck and a fighting strategy, the game offers lucrative rewards as in-game tokens. The fights are turn-based, but be careful about how much time you take with your turn as there is a timer ticking as well! Your collection in The Nemots is your NFT and you can use the token to upgrade it, stake them, or pull them out to earn. The game is free to play with complete NFT support, hence giving you much better play to earn returns within a short time. Once you are past the initial grind, the rest is smooth sailing as you win PvP rounds and stake your tokens for a passive income!

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