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Tank Battle is an NFT-powered game where you partake in different events, tournaments, and challenges, earning and utilizing the $TBL to your advantage. As you devise different strategies for Tank Battle, this war-themed strategy puts your skills to the test as you continue to upgrade your NFTs and look to create an invincible squad of tanks. Each territory has a different playstyle and outlook, so it is not just about jumping in the game and pressing the shoot button. You have to actually think about how you will traverse the environment and conquer your foes. Whether you are a casual player looking for a relaxing gameplay or are an expert looking for a challenge and difficulties, Tank Battle has a number of engaging playstyles to offer. As you play on, you will get more tank cards (or you can buy more with $TBL) to add to your collection. Upgrade your tanks to reach prestigious levels and make the most out of your NFTs in Tank Battle – a game for almost everyone!

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