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Build immersive, multiplayer games directly on your phone. Soba’s integrated super powerful no-code tools that allow you to build any game - shooters, platformers, open worlds and much more! Powerful no-code tools, available multi-platform. Build games without the need to know how to code. Designed to work on all devices. Build games directly on your Phone or PC, to play and remix community games. You don’t need to know how to code, as powerful the tool is, it’s also super easy to use. Soba is built with a focus on Mobile. You can both create and play games directly on your phone. Soba is available on PC and Mac as well, and it will be available on Console and Web in the future. At Soba you can hang out with your friends and make a ton of new ones too. All games built on Soba are multiplayer and multi-platform, allowing you to have a blast with other players. Web3 Through Web3, Soba is enabling both creators and players to own their digital assets like NFT’s. You’ll be able to move those assets from and to other projects. Explore different shooters, platformers, open worlds and much more Own and trade valuable items and creations. Soba is enabling true ownership of assets and striving to make every gamer a creator. Join Soba’s mission to make game creation accessible to everyone.

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