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Satvival is a survival RPG game where you are stuck on an island and must survive. Initially, you have nothing and must find a way to deal with your hunger, thirst, find a weapon, and gather resources. As your character evolves, you will learn how to set up basic amenities, such as shelter, fire, food, and more. However, as you continue to play or upgrade your character with in-game tokens, your PvE ventures become relatively easier.

However, the game also has a PvP side. You get to raid others and loot their resources and tokens, and they will try to do the same to you – so be ready! The open-world game offers rewards in $BTC, which open a large number of financial doors for you from the get-go. Reinvest or create farms in-game to grow food and tokens. The game is free-to-play, and suitable for desktops only (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

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