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RENTAL INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE METAVERSE reNFT is a multi-chain NFT rental protocol and platform that can be whitelabel integrated into any project to enable collateral-free in-house renting, lending and scholarship automation! Built for developers in the Web3 space, the goal is to make life easier for projects by allowing them to seamlessly integrate reNFT protocol into their project without having to change their front-end — this is also known as white-labeling. In addition, projects can also simply use a dedicated page on the reNFT marketplace, saving developers capacity and time. Types of NFT rentals: ReNFT supports three different kinds of rental solutions: Up-front payment, Reward Share (coming soon), and collateralized rentals. For example, you choose to rent out your Galaxy Fighter NFT: You set your Daily Price at 3 USDC and your maximum rental duration for a total of 7 days. If a renter is looking to rent your NFT for a total of 5 days, the renter is required to pay a total of 15 USDC + gas fees upfront. Once this is received, the renter will have access to the NFT’s utilities for a total of 5 days. Once 5 days are over, the renter will no longer have the right to use the NFT anymore.

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