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Project Hive is a play-to-earn (P2) game featuring sci-fi characters that you can develop – not only in terms of their aesthetics, but their abilities and skills as well. The game offers one of the most versatile skill trees and satisfying attack animations, utilizing its cyberpunk roots quite effectively. It is a turn-based game that merges PvE and PvP elements. You will first have to go through at least a few chapters of the game to level up and get familiar with the game before you can challenge players. Throughout the game, you will earn $HGT tokens as you fight for territory against the environment as well as against players. You are a clan leader who will direct the defense strategy of your own territory and an offensive strategy when targeting others. Each character has weaknesses and abilities, further adding to your NFT’s value and introducing new challenges every time. The resources, territories, buildings, and more increase your chances of winning rewards, but also the chances of you being attacked – so stay vigilant!

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Mobile gameplay first look - Project Hive
Project Hive - Pre-Registration Announcement