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Polychain IslandsUnder development
-Binance Smart Chain  
For those of you who love Bad North and similar games will feel right at home with Polychain Islands. While the concept is similar, the gameplay itself is much more extensive and livelier. You not only have to fight against incoming bots or players by building your team, you also need to build homes, farms, and other in-game buildings to reap the most rewards possible per wave. You will be able to collect new Polychain Monsters as you advance into the game, each more powerful and unique, giving you an edge over other players and harder waves. Players will earn the $PMON token, which is essential for building your team and buildings. You can farm resources and tokens in-game as well for a passive income while you concentrate on your defenses. Design your island and even the Polyverse as an NFT and implement different strategies to your advantage!

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