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PlutoniansUnder development

Plutonians is a new MMORPG web3 crypto game based on the Solana Blockchain system that combines the classic shooter action with building, collecting, and strategy where you become a pirate to loot the disabled vessels and earn and own in-game items and SPL tokens.

You can either take a diplomatic approach in the Pultonians metaverse by connecting with others or board and loot them taking the role of a pirate to earn NFT-based in-game items. You can use your owned NFT items to upgrade your gear and gaming skills or sell or trade with other players.

Once you accomplish the single-player mission, you can build your own using Level Editor or proceed to explore the expanded Plutonians universe.


Plutonians Content

PLUTONIANS | Trailer #1
PLUTONIANS: Official Teaser Trailer

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